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Massive triangular unidentified flying object in Earth orbit and hints of life on Mars What is occurring?


NASA archival photographs revealed a massive stationary triangular object circling close to Earth.

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Numerous academics evaluated the photos, confirming the presence of a triangular object in space. It looks to be gray in hue and rather large.

Near-Earth Giant Triangular Object
The photos were obtained by the Columbia Shuttle crew during the STS 61C mission in January 1986. Charles Bolden, a prominent former NASA administrator, was the pilot and boss.

The photographs were stored in a folder dubbed ” Space Debris “, which was created expressly to escape suspicion. The triangular object travelling in Earth orbit is plainly apparent in later images taken by the Columbia crew.

There was no question in the astronaut’s mind that he was photographing an unfamiliar spacecraft. This was, interestingly, the final mission before the Challenger disaster, which occurred only ten days after landing.

The item has been dubbed “space trash.” However, additional examination proved that this was not the case and that the aircraft was most likely unknown.

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Mars may hold relics of ancient extraterrestrial civilizations.
However, this triangular item is not the first piece of extraterrestrial evidence to have made its way into the network in recent days.

Strange artificially built buildings and subdivisions were visible in a series of photographs acquired by the HIRISE camera aboard the MRO mission circling Mars.

They are found in Hellas PlanitIa and are similar in length and shape. They reach a distance of up to one kilometer on the surface.

Suspicions of an inhabited Mart have not surfaced for the first time, or at least not millions of years ago. Indeed, several documents indicate that the red planet was linked with fascination for ancient societies around the world.

This has caused many scientists to wonder how much we truly know about Mars, or whether “something else” has been uncovered that we have been unaware of.


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For instance, we now know that Mars is not a “dead planet,” as was previously thought. Mars may perhaps have been a twin planet to Earth in the distant past.

The indications uncovered show that there was developed life, as evidenced by the recent discovery of rivers of liquid water. Additionally, remnants of vast seas, rivers, and lakes were discovered.

Similarly, it was determined that Mars had a thick atmosphere that enveloped the planet and was probably breathable by people in the past.

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