Lizard People: The Serpents Connecting Ancient Myths and Modern Science

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This subject is highly controversial. Given how much information is hidden from the public. And many suspect that this was the work of Lizard People who wanted to hide their existence from the world. Here are a few bits of information we know about them.

The “Lizard People” have been mentioned in ancient texts before. These reptilian-like humanoids have been described in different manuscripts and religions. Prompting people to believe they’re real.

Ancient myths tell us that there is a reptilian race of shapeshifting beings that rule the world. A cult called the “Dragon Family” believes they are descended from them.

Similarly, on TV, movies, sci-fi novels and video games also mention lizard people. For example in “Dexter” and “The X-Files”.

The idea of a reptilian race of people different from the “normal” human inhabitants, who have allegedly been involved in the creation and running of our society, has fascinated people for many years. . Often these reptilian aliens are said to be controlling world events, while our “physical world” is just the illusion.

A fierce debate has been underway for decades about whether a species of humans known as the Lizard People exists. on the island. The debate started after an American tourist claimed that she had seen a Lizard Man while staying at a hotel on La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. The woman claimed that it was late at night, and there was no electricity in her hotel room. She said that she saw something moving outside her open window and then watched as a Lizard Man crawled into her room through the opening by her headboard. This story is often cited as evidence for the existence of Lizard People, but it is unclear whether or not the woman saw a Lizard Man. The story is often cited on Internet discussion boards as proof, but other sources say that there are no such people in La Gomera.

Some people believe that we are descendants of the Lizard People and that we are due for a revelation soon. Others believe that this information is being suppressed by the United States government.

We cannot say with certainty what is true or not, but it is important to examine the evidence if we want to learn more about ourselves and keep up with developments in science.

For as long as humanity has kept a record of its existence, the legend of a serpent race living with us has persisted. These myths tell of extraordinary humanoids with superhuman reptilian abilities from heaven. They allegedly participated in creating humankind and teaching them the sciences, imparting forbidden knowledge, imposing order, and watching our development.

1 Lizard People The Serpents Connecting Ancient Myths and Modern Science

However, others believe that the lizardmen were not alone. They were among the many ancient super beings that humanity worshipped as gods. But, among these beings, the lizard men were the most feared and worshipped.

To this day, the dragon and the serpent remain the divine heritage and royalty in Asia. On the other hand, these creatures symbolize wisdom and knowledge for the west.

How long have they been here, and how ingrained are they in our society? Is it possible that we bred with these beings? Given the connections between people and lizards, we found that may be the case.

2 Lizard People The Serpents Connecting Ancient Myths and Modern Science

According to experts, there are physiological similarities between lizards and us. Like theirs, our brain controls every vital function we need to survive. Their brains also have a distinct brainstem and cerebellum.

3 Lizard People The Serpents Connecting Ancient Myths and Modern Science

Our eyes are also constructed similarly to reptiles. These organs act as a lens to focus light that passes through it. Scientists know that a lizard’s heart is indistinguishable from a human’s embryonic heart. And some suspect that they share the same origins.

By trying to understand reptilians and lizard people, we could make several connections that link our history and biology to them. There may still be many things we do not know, but only time can tell how many will be revealed as we keep trying to understand.

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