Keystone: Thousands of Years Ago, Aliens Visited West Africa

Keystone: Thousands of Years Ago, Aliens Visited West Africa

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Everyone who is even mildly interested in extraterrestrials is looking for concrete evidence, something real. So yet, no tangible evidence has surfaced. Crop circle patterns are one example, although mainstream scientists have yet to demonstrate that they were created by extraterrestrial visitors.

Sky Stones, a stunning sky-blue stone, might be an example of proof of extraterrestrial visits. Since the 1990s, the matte-finish blue stone with white veins has been the topic of legend. The plot revolves around a mystery character named Angelo Pitoni, a geologist who traveled to Sierra Leone in West Africa.

In 1990, Italian geologist Angelo Pitoni bought odd blue stones from a Fula Chief in Sierra Leone, West Africa, according to an unsubstantiated version of the story. The tribe claimed that the rocks were dropped from the sky by extraterrestrial visitors.

Pitoni went to Europe and presented the strange rocks to a university for examination.

The stones didn’t match any known mineral, according to the findings. The researchers couldn’t figure out why the rocks were still blue. There was no blue tint evident when a little portion was crushed and examined under a microscope. The mineral would not be changed by heating the stone to high temperatures. It would not be broken down by acids.

Oxygen made up 77.17 percent of the stone, according to further examination. Carbon, calcium, and an unknown chemical substance made up the rest of the mixture. The Sky Stones are estimated to be 55,000 years old.

3 Keystone Thousands of Years Ago Aliens Visited West Africa

Pitoni did exist, as evidenced by images of him with his Sky Stones, but collecting actual evidence of his existence is very impossible. Online rumors claim he was awarded the American Silver Star, was a secret spy, an explorer in the Amazon rainforest, and the discoverer of a Mayan city.

Because of the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” documentary and another American artist and designer, Jared Collins, the narrative has resurfaced. Collins arrives in “The Star Gods of Sirius” carrying a bag containing multiple Sky Stone samples. Finally, the mystery appears to be coming to a conclusion when the stones are tested by credible institutes.

Collins has been attempting to secure a sample of the blue Material since first saw it in the custody of a Hong Kong gem trader in 2013. Dr. Preeti analyzed a sample at GRS Swisslabs after the dealer presented a weird narrative about the stones falling from the sky. The doctor “couldn’t pinpoint its makeup and ended up returning it as unidentified” after 15 months of waiting for the findings.

4 Keystone Thousands of Years Ago Aliens Visited West Africa

Collins was intrigued and attempted to purchase a sample, but the dealer refused. The American returned home empty-handed, but the story stayed with him. He did some research online and discovered the unusual story of Angelo Pitoni and his Oxygen Stone. Collins was unable to locate any information about the individual. Instead, he concentrated on collecting a Sky Stone and obtaining tangible proof.

A sample remains on exhibit at Erich Von Daniken’s museum, the Mystery Park, near Interlaken, Switzerland, beside statues depicting weird aliens from the sky, the Somali. Unfortunately, the museum refused to sell any of the stone.

Collins contacted with the same diamond merchant in Hong Kong as a final option. After a year, he was surprised to find the dealer responsive. If he wished, he could have the same sample that had been examined at GRS Swisslabs. It came with a note detailing how it came to be in Hong Kong.

Vijay, an Italian gem trader in Auroville, India, was introduced to the gem merchant. Vijay later showed him a sample of a Sky Stone he had gotten from his buddy, Angelo Pitoni, during an Italian conference. Vijay detailed what had transpired in a letter to Collins, claiming that the stone had come from the star Sirius B.

5 Keystone Thousands of Years Ago Aliens Visited West Africa

“A geologist and adventurer called Angelo Pitoni discovered the chunk of sky stone you currently have in your hands while in Sierra Leone. “Diamonds are stars that fell from the sky,” according to mythology among the indigenous people. Pitoni joked with them one day, “But if the stars fell, then the sky must have fallen as well!” “Yes, and we know where it dropped…” they said.

A local shaman then led him to a spot where blue material fragments lay scattered over the ground. Digging into the earth, he discovered almost 200 kg of it, arranged in a pyramid shape rather than in a natural arrangement. Later, photocopies of a geologist’s report claiming that the Material could not be identified were presented to me.”

Collins was enthralled by the narrative, but it was time to collect the proof he needed. On March 6, 2019, he delivered the Sky Stone sample to the University of Washington’s Earth and Space Sciences division for testing. “To guarantee that the testing was done impartially, he never told the University just what they were examining,” according to the report published. Only that the Material was said to have fallen from the sky and been discovered beneath the earth.”

5 Keystone Thousands of Years Ago Aliens Visited West Africa

Collins confirmed that the Sky Stones are unlike anything on Earth after years of travel and investigation.

“I’ve been around the world and returned to attempt to figure out what this blue, stone-like Material is after more than five years of study and investigation.” Despite the fact that I’ve compiled a mound of scientific papers from over 16 sources, no one – not one academic, university, independent scientist, or laboratory – has been able to identify or grasp the Material’s genesis or formation method to yet.”

The Sky Stones look to be one-of-a-kind. While not proof that the stones were given to Earth by extraterrestrials, it is compelling physical evidence and fuel for thought. It’s also simply one part of a much bigger narrative concerning an African tribe’s faith in supernatural creatures.

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