It Might Take 400,000 Years Before Humans Hear From Alien Civilizations

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Scientists have tried to communicate with aliens using radio transmission for decades. They also sent different items to space containing information about Earth and humans. These were done to let the universe know we are here. However, humanity may have to wait 400,000 years before we hear from alien civilizations.

New research concluded that it would take a long time before our messages reach a civilization capable of understanding our signals. They concluded that it could take anywhere from 2,000 to 400,000 years before we hear from aliens. 

This is a new study that has found that it might take at least 400,000 years before aliens from other star systems can reach us.

Astronomers have been studying the possibility of other beings from other star systems and the different ways these beings might be able to reach Earth. If a civilization on a planet outside our solar system is able to find a way, they may have the ability to communicate with us.

Scientists have created a mathematical model to determine the number of years necessary to detect a civilization on a nearby planet. The model was based on their estimates of how quickly civilizations rise and decline. The study found that it would take at least 4 million years for more advanced civilizations to develop

If a civilization is capable of interstellar space travel, then we are likely going to hear from them in the future.

If a civilization has been around for 400,000 years, and it is technologically advanced enough to cross the light speed, then it’s unlikely that we will ever meet them. For this reason, there might be a lot of potentially habitable planets out there that we have no way of knowing about yet.

If there are any civilizations out there in the depths of space, they’re probably so advanced to travel faster than light. If we ever do meet them, it will be very hard to communicate because our technology is still very primitive.

It is difficult to predict what the future will hold for human civilizations. Many researchers believe that there are billions of “Earths” out there and that if alien civilizations are as advanced as we are, they might be able to communicate with us in large numbers. However, it might take up to 400,000 years before humans hear from alien civilizations.

The study “The Number of Possible CETIs in Our Galaxy and Their Communication Probability” was published in an astrophysical journal. These were written by Wenjie Song and He Gao from Beijing Normal University’s Department of Astronomy.

The authors wrote that the most perplexing problem for humans is whether or not we are unique. They asked the question of whether or not we are the only sophisticated sentient civilization in the universe. 

The authors of the astronomy paper looked at the problem from two perspectives. First, how many terrestrial planets are there, and how frequently can life evolve into intelligent life? Second, at what point in a parent star’s life would intelligent life appear? These two factors were included as the variables for their research.

After various trials and simulations, they arrived at the previously mentioned conclusion. This would mean that we might not find alien life within our lifetime. 

Regardless of how difficult it is to study something we are unaware of, this didn’t stop us from trying. In the last decades, the number of research on civilization has increased. While there is yet to be conclusive evidence of alien existence, our efforts continue. 

On the other hand, some researchers concluded that at least 36 extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations might be in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Academics published this research from the University of Nottingham in 2020. They based their conclusion on statistical calculations incorporating galactic star formation histories and the possibilities of stars hosting life on terrestrial planets within their habitable zones.  

However, until any definitive detection has been achieved, the existence of these alien civilizations is speculation at most. However, if we find proof, the question of whether or not they can communicate with humans comes next.

If the doomsday thesis is correct, humans may not even find other intelligent life before we go extinct. Until then, our researchers will spend all the time they have on proving this thesis wrong.

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