Is Ezekiel's Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs?

Is Ezekiel’s Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs?


It’s possible that our forefathers were visited by intelligent entities who were mistaken for demigods, according to new interpretations of biblical scriptures based on modern technical advancements.

According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, Ezekiel’s vision of the Merkabah, or Chariot of Fire, as a spaceship used to reach Earth and mankind is the most plausible interpretation.

It is Erich von Däniken, one of the strongest proponents of this idea, who provides a persuasive argument for an alternate interpretation of Ezekiel.

The God-Motorized Vehicles

Erich von Däniken met Josef F. Blumrich in the 1970s when he was invited to give a covert NASA lecture. Ezekiel’s vision was depicted as a spaceship, not a heavenly vehicle, according to von Däniken’s Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Blumrich’s encounter with von Däniken spurred him to action, and he set out to disprove the idea in question.

Blumrich, on the other hand, had a lightbulb moment as a result of the evidence. Clearly, Ezekiel was describing a high-tech spaceship. Ezekiel’s description of the ship was also utilized by Blumrich to patent his own omnidirectional wheel, or “wheels inside wheels”.

2 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Blumrich Omnidirectional Wheel Model.


It is said of Ezekiel that he was a prophet in various Old Testament writings. Unlike other third-person narratives of previous events handed down through the generations, the Book of Ezekiel uses the pronoun “I,” indicating that it was authored by Ezekiel himself in the first person perspective. Aside from the fact that it’s being told shortly after the fact, this appears to provide additional credibility to the tale.

“Humanlike” creatures, according to Ezekiel, were driving a cart as it descended toward him from above. This creature in the chariot is described as God in various Bible translations, however von Däniken points out that the original Hebrew language does not include the name “God,” and this word has since been inserted into many translations.

The wheeled carriage’s landing, as described by Ezekiel, resembles that of a spacecraft. Wind, lightning, and dazzling lights create the illusion of a spaceship landing on Earth, kicking up dust in a show that no one has ever seen before in such a primitive time period. It’s even described as “bright metal” in Ezekiel’s vision.

3 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Ezekiel’s Vision.

A massive dust storm moved in from the north, followed by a massive cloud of lightning and a massive ball of fire that was shining bronze. In the midst of the flames, there appeared to be four living beings. As a human, they each possessed four faces and four wings. Hoofed hooves like those of a calf glistened in the flames, while their legs were as strong, straight, and sturdily built as columns. Human hands might be found under each of their four wings on all four corners. Both faces and wings were on each of the four. They didn’t make a single turn; they just marched on.

Ezekiel 1:4-9

In many ways, this account differs from how Ezekiel’s vision has been shown in biblical art. The fire, the omnidirectional wheels, and the crystal dome that surrounds the heads of creatures that resemble humans are frequently not included in the photographs.

Each of the four animals had a wheel-like object on the ground next to it as I saw them. Here’s what the tires looked like when they were off: Wheels that glistened like diamonds in the sunlight, they were all the same. It appeared to be a gyroscope, with wheels on wheels. Only straight ahead, not turning off in any of the four directions. Huge eyeballs encircled the enormous rims. The wheels moved together with the animals, and the wheels also rose and fell in tandem with them. The wheels followed the spirit wherever it went, for the wheels carried the spirit of the living animals. Once the animals moved, the wheels moved; whenever the creatures stopped, the wheels stopped; and whenever the creatures pulled themselves off, the wheels lifted themselves off because the spirit of living beings was in the wheels, which were connected to the wheels. “A dome, gleaming like a sky full of cut glass, soared above the heads of the living animals.”

– Ezekiel 1:15-22

Finally, these aliens bring Ezekiel back to his ship and whisk him away to a temple on the highest peak of the mountain. The force of gravity, or G-Force, that is felt during rapid accelerations at extreme speed, might be regarded as God’s hand on Ezekiel during the flight.

Other Evidences

As Erich von Däniken’s idea unfolds, the Ark of the Covenant appears to be an intriguing relic.

The Kebra Nagast, an Ethiopian Orthodox Church Bible book that relates the account of King Solomon and Queen Sheba’s dynasty, is the most significant source.

King Solomon possessed flying devices that are not described in the Bible, as well as ownership of the Ark of the Covenant, which would have been taken to Ethiopia and stored at the Church of St. Mary of Zion in Ethiopia, according to this version.

According to these scriptures, people were scared of the Ark, and those who came into contact with it experienced symptoms similar to those of radiation poisoning. This suggests that the Ark of the Covenant may be a nuclear reactor.

Von Däniken argues that other Bible texts support his idea, including those that describe comparable temples or landing grounds for spaceships, like the one to which Ezekiel was carried. Erich Von Däniken


4 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Mysterious figure of the Chavin Temple of Huantar.

This 3,100-meter-tall mountain in Peru is home to a 3,500-year-old pre-Inca civilization known as the Chavin de Huantar, whose origins are unknown.

To Erich von Däniken, it seems like the temple is ornamented with carved skulls with helmets, like those seen in the Book of Ezekiel’s vision.


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