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Is Antarctica Home to Massive Ancient Pyramids?


Antarctica was formerly a pleasant, human-friendly environment.

Thousands of tons of ice have covered the planet for 12 thousand years, prompting scientists to think that evidence might be found there. According to our sources, similar proof has been found before in the shape of far older pyramids than Egyptian pyramids.

Ancient Aliens


People have long speculated about ancient, perhaps man-made buildings in remote, inaccessible locations, and few places fit this description more than Antarctica.

Egyptian pyramids are considered to be magnificent examples of massive man-made structures.

When these pyramids were built over four thousand years ago, Egypt was one of the world’s most wealthy civilizations.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the World’s oldest and most ancient Wonders.

While we are all familiar with the Egyptian pyramids, have you heard of the ones in Antarctica? Antarctica is made up of 98 percent ice, which is a mile thick. It experiences temperatures as low as -89C on the fifth-largest continent (-128F).

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It is often referred to be an unfriendly place. It was found in the early 1800s, despite widespread assumption that symmetry needed a southern continent.

Humans must endure severe weather, glaciers, seas, and storms in order to visit. We must bear in mind that many people perished throughout the process of discovery.

Scientists inhabit Antarctica. Except for the penguins. While a cruise ship may transport tourists there for the day, people cannot comfortably live there without special equipment or considerable effort (or for very long).

Food is scarce, and there is just a tiny amount of vegetation. Everything else must be imported, including clothes, food, construction materials, medicine, and fuel. The notion that Antarctica has been blanketed in ice for almost 1,000 years has received little attention.

Until recently, when three pyramids were discovered by a team of European and American specialists.

Two were situated about 16 kilometers inland, while the third was closer to the shore. They have been likened to Egyptian pyramids by scientists.

This is a major discovery that has been kept secret in the media owing to the potential repercussions of disclosing it.

If Antarctica has pyramids, they predate recorded history. Despite the lack of official confirmation, speculations of their existence have circulated. These unusual structures fascinate ufologists and intellectuals.

Numerous hypotheses have been proposed to explain the Antarctic formations. Alien civilizations established on a clandestine military facility with access to ancient civilizations? (with breakthrough technology).

Others believe they were created naturally. At the moment, there is no evidence to support or refute these allegations, but if The X-Files taught us anything, it is that “the truth is out there.”

These pyramids in Antarctica have been photographed many times. A selection of images from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, a multi-national underwater mission.

Numerous questions are raised by these pyramids. Perhaps Antarctica was not always so cold. If not, we may assume that these buildings were built and ancient civilizations called them home.

If an ancient civilisation existed in Antarctica many years ago, critics assert, there would be evidence of life today. If there are pyramids in Antarctica, this should be sufficient evidence that an ancient civilization flourished there in the past.

This must now be recognized by the archaeological community. We are constantly gaining knowledge on climate change. According to several Egyptologists, the ancient Sphinx is around 10,000 years old.

Why are they aware? Water erosion on the Sphinx reveals past climate change. If Africa and other areas of the globe have seen dramatic changes, why should Antarctica be any different? What if scientists were able to establish conclusively the existence of Antarctica’s pyramids? If they were created by humans, they would alter history.

Today’s archaeologists and specialists would struggle to accept such conclusion since it contradicts their present views.

However, since this is about finding the truth, belief should be irrelevant. Theoretically, an incredible number of ancient civilizations might be hidden all across the globe.

Other discoveries in Antarctica include pollen particles discovered by climate scientists in 2009, which led to the conclusion that palm palms formerly flourished there and summer temperatures reached 21° C.

In 2012, scientists identified over thirty bacterial species in water samples from Lake Vida (East Antarctica). Why would another remarkable discovery be unusual? Are the Antarctic pyramids nothing more than beautifully carved mountains? If that is the case, why do they resemble Egyptian pyramids so much? If they are, they bear an eerie similarity.

The only logical answer is that these are man-made structures. Thousands of years ago, when the temperature was just perfect, an ancient civilisation flourished under the thick ice layers, building the Antarctic pyramids.

Assuming this hypothesis is correct, we will need to reinvent history and our worldview. I, for one, am unable to.


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