Interview With An Apollo Astronaut – “Humans Are Descendants of Extraterrestrials”

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In a misty haze of past and present, the renowned astronaut, Alfred Merrill Worden, aged 85, once a celestial voyager in 1971, found himself amidst a storm of earthly contention.

Under the stern leadership of spacecraft commander David Scott, Worden

had embarked on a celestial journey. With them, they had crafted a stamp book amidst the stars, hoping to bring it back as a prized relic to be auctioned off to those who valued such rarities.

As Worden sat under the spotlight on “Good Morning Britain”, a seemingly innocuous question about his unique role in the mission stirred the waters. “Why would you question that?” Worden retorted, his voice tinged with a hint of mystery.

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Yet, amidst the waves of tension, Worden revealed a startling insight: He posited that perhaps we, as humans, are but extraterrestrial visitors, having originated from a distant realm, forgotten in the annals of time.

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As the conversation meandered, it delved deeper into Worden’s relationship with NASA, unraveling layers of the man beyond just the astronaut.

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