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Inside an Ecuadorian Cave, a Priest Discovers an Ancient Golden Library Created by Giants


Not more than three years ago, we examined an alleged fake find in Ecuador. Crespi’s finding has been carefully explored and published. A metallic alien library comprising hundreds of sheets of gold, platinum, and other valuable metals was also discovered. The cave where all of these items and artifacts were unearthed is called Cueva de Los Tayos.

As previously stated, the Ecuadorian authorities contested this finding; nonetheless, the reality is that the Ecuadorian and United Kingdom governments both financed a thorough examination of these caverns, which garnered the attention of numerous visitors.

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Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, was one of these individuals.

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The clip you are going to view is intended to demonstrate the huge passageways of the caverns, which were most likely constructed by man.

If this proves to be true, it will expose all of the mistakes and contradictions in our origins and history fully.


03 ecuador cave man made library

Due to the vastness and near-endlessness of these tunnels, the cave has not been fully studied and explored, but what we have seen thus far is extremely spectacular.

04 man made golden library discovered

Why would somebody create such a wide network of caves?

Now, it looks as though these caverns were unquestionably man-made. However, who and when were entrusted with constructing such a complex system?

05 ecuador secret cave to ancient library

If there is nothing to fear, why would you construct anything so deep within the Earth? Regardless, these tunnels continue to fascinate a large number of academics and researchers.

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Here’s the full video:


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