Inside a Lunar Crater, a UFO Expert Discovered a Mysterious Alien Structure

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Consider this quote from NASA scientist Robin Brett: “It appears simpler to explain the Moon’s non-existence than its actuality.”

The Russian scientists proposed the theory that the Earth’s Moon is a planetoid that has been hollowed out over eons in the far reaches of the universe by highly advanced sentient people with technology much superior to ours, including today’s technology.

The investigation.

It was published by Sputnik, a Soviet journal. To address some of these issues, China is launching the Chang’e-4 mission, which will land on the far side of the moon. Let’s hoping it clarifies some of the mysteries surrounding the moon’s side that is always facing away from us.

The puzzles haven’t been solved yet. Now that individuals have access to increasingly powerful amateur telescopes, they may see a plethora of moon images.

One of these images, taken by amateur astronomers, reveals a remarkable, presumably manufactured structure inside a lunar crater. The image, as well as information about it, was published by Thirdphaseofmoon, a YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers.

1 Inside a Lunar Crater a UFO Expert Discovered a Mysterious Alien Structure

It shows what seems to be a strange structure protruding from a crater, which the YouTuber speculates may be an alien moon base.

As the film progresses, the narrator begins to question whether the building seen in Mr. William Bennett’s original film is a man-made dome-shaped structure, and if images like the one shown in the video are teasing us with the disclosure.


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