In Crimea, researcher Vitaly Goh Found a Strange Underground Pyramid.

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The well-known Crimean pyramids were stumbled upon in 2001 by Vitaly Goh. It’s astonishing that these pyramids look to be older than the Egyptian pyramids. On the outskirts of Sevastopol, the first pyramids were found while people were looking for water. Goh suddenly became aware of an odd sensation under his feet.

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Once they began digging, they got to the edge of one of the pyramids. Naturally, it need specialized tools to cut through the thick layers of soil. As one might anticipate, the Ukrainian authorities had no interest in these matters.

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The team in charge of conducting operations underground fell ill and had to cease.

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Soon after, the media started fabricating allegations against Vitaly and his team in an effort to portray the discovery as a fraud. Soon after, barbed wire was placed around the entire area.

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Since it appears that someone knows too much about what is happening there, authorities appear to have chosen to shut the area.

Watch the video below for additional information.


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