In Bolivia, they discovered a mysterious pre-Inca giant underground city.

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Bolivian anthropologists have uncovered what appears to be a large metropolis beneath the ground, spanning 2000 acres (780 hectares) and including a variety of houses and public services. The discovery was made possible by using drones and satellites to investigate the location near Tiwanaku (Bolivia).

The discovery was made as part of Tiwanaku’s preservation and conservation efforts, and was made possible thanks to UNESCO and Japan’s partnership.

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Tiwanaku is a renowned tourist destination in Bolivia, approximately 45 miles from La Paz. In 2000, Tiwanaku was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The “Tiwanakian” culture originated about 1580 BC and perished by 1200 AD.

Extreme climatic effects and numerous ailments were two of the factors that contributed to its death. Tiwanaku is said to be one of South America’s first civilizations, much older than the Aymaras’ Quechuas.

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The program was aided in discovering this discovery by a number of tele-detection drones that searched the surface and a set of cameras that explored the underlying environment.

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If the evidence holds up, Tiwanaku’s standing as a ceremonial center will have to change, and it will be referred to as a pre-Hispanic major civilisation.

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