“I Spent 10 Years Defending 5 Different Human Colonies on Mars,” US Marine Claims

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A former US Marine claims to have spent time with human colonizers on Mars. The man also discusses why he believes humans will be living on Mars by 2028.

“I thought it was a good idea for the US government to slowly transition to a more peaceful society in the coming years, but my supervisors were ordering me to defend American colonies on Mars and make sure they stay safe from Martians and other humans”.

A former US marine has been in the news for such claims that he spent ten years defending five different human colonies on Mars. Joe Mercola, who retired in 2010 after 20 years of service, claims that he was sent to Mars by his employer and is now focused on exploring life on the red planet.

Many people are wondering about the validity of these claims after a former US marine, Luis Dubuc, made a big splash on the internet when he said that he had spent ten years defending Mars colonies. Dubuc’s claims have been disputed by many who questioned how long it would take to get to and from Mars, how expensive it would be to colonize Mars and how much money the US government would invest in it. 

News outlets have started to report on his new book, “Defending the Earth: How Humans are Colonizing Space and Are Threatening Our Planet,” which he self-published because of pending lawsuits against him and his publishers.

His book, “Defending the Earth: How Humans are Colonizing Space and are Threatening Our Planet,” has caused quite a stir in the press as it explores humanity’s future in space and suggests that we may have already crossed the point of no return.

While some people might think these claims are far-fetched, this author believes that we need to take serious action now rather than later.

Captain Kaye was recently interviewed about his experience while he was working for NASA. He said he spent fifteen years working for the space agency while concealing his identity and using a different name. While working for them, he met human colonies on mars and spent ten years defending them. He also spent three years in a massive spaceship and traveling in space. 

He claims that humanity has already visited Mars, and there are a few established human outposts on the planet already. He also supposedly had his armada capable of traveling space at his beck and call.

1 mars colonies

He is adamant that everything we know about Mars and space is wrong. His claims about our misconceptions of space and Mars are based on his 15 years of working in space. He also says he can confirm his experience with people still working with NASA if the need arises.

He also kept a meticulous record of all his mission on Mars from when he worked for NASA. As a former US Marine, he was expected to always work with his body. After all, one of his responsibilities was to keep hostile extraterrestrials away from the human settlements on Mars.

There are five known settlements to him. He spent ten years helping the human settlers defend their home on the red planet. Given his different earthly anatomy, he was significantly stronger than the others. However, age caught up to him.

2 human bases on mars

He said that these settlements were a program funded by every powerful country in the world. This collaboration was called the Mars Colony Corporation, headed by Russia, China, and the United States. He specifically worked on the Mars Defense System branch of this company.

He said that he received his space training on the Moon before going to Mars. He claims that there were also expeditions to Saturn to help him better prepare for the Mars mission. In his mission, he claimed that he worked with the reptilians, insectoids, and gray aliens known to be secret residents of Earth.

Do you believe his story? You should watch this video to learn about this man’s story.

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