Humans’ “Junk DNA” Might Actually Be an Extraterrestrial Signature

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The body is made up of various chemical and biological compositions. One of the most known components of the body is DNA, which reveals a person’s personality. In the human body, it is said that there is 97% non-coding DNA, which is referred to as “junk DNA.” This term was used since scientists cannot conclude what it is for.


However, according to the scientists working on the Human Genome Project for over a decade, this DNA is an alien footprint embedded in the body. Maxim A. Makukov from Fesenkov Institute and other mathematicians and chemists started their discovery into cracking if this DNA was from an alien programmer.

Their idea revolves around the possibility of highly evolved extraterrestrial creatures being involved in creating life forms and placing these life forms in different worlds. Their team believes that Earth is just one of the places where life exists. Based on their observation, there are two versions of human DNA: one with a big organized code and one with a simple code.

Scientists have long been fascinated with the idea of “junk” DNA. That is sometimes an unneeded, usually non-coding genome that we carry around. But what if it’s been created not by humans at all?

Scientists find that there are a number of places in our genomes where it appears extraterrestrial life is trying to communicate with us. The most prominent and controversial of these “extraterrestrial signatures” has been found in the human genome. Many scientists argue that this is evidence of an ancient ET-human hybridization event, while others have questioned the reliability and relevance of these findings altogether.

A study done on the human genome in 2016 found more than 10% of the genome to be junk. Stem cells are one of the many tissues that can also contain this junk DNA. The question is whether this is a result of an ancient extraterrestrial encounter or if it’s just because these regions were not used by natural selection in order to evolve into our current bodies.

There has been a lot of speculation that this extra-terrestrial signature might have something to do with the mass extinction event known as the K-T extinction around 65 million years ago and what happened next. Scientists have proposed several hypotheses detailing how life on Earth went extinct during this time, including one which says that our own species was born after an alien visitor crash-landed on Earth or perhaps humanity was created while they were here and then abandoned by them

One of the pros of science is that it starts out as a hypothesis, and with new evidence, the conclusions can change. As scientists continue to study human DNA more closely, they are finding that humans may have been visited by extraterrestrials.

When scientists looked closer at these mysterious regions of human genomes, they noticed something amazing: some genetic sequences are present in every single species on Earth – even those classified as extinct mammals and birds! These sequences are not found in any other living animal or plant on the planet – but there is only one explanation for their presence: extraterrestrial intervention.

They also believe that evolution is not simply plain science; something else is at work as to why humans evolve the way they do. In the Icarus journal, scientists believe that once aliens formed the code, it would be permanent, and DNA is the one that endured, which is why aliens might have used it to store alien signatures intelligently.


This theory was supported by people who claim that they have had encounters with aliens with human-like features, which is why the theory called “panspermia”, or the belief that something planted alien life on Earth, exists.

Furthermore, scientists believe humans formed outside of the Earth long ago. They also believe that human DNA comprises ideographic symbolic language and mathematical patterns.

However, these views are not recognized by the scientific community. Nevertheless, it confirms what scientists cling to: that evolution did not just happen on its own, and maybe human existence has been linked to alien life. If it were the case, could it be that history is wrong?

If, indeed, human life came from extraterrestrial beings and explains the “junk DNA”, the question is, who or what made these extraterrestrial beings in the first place?

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