Huge Underwater Wall Circling Earth: What Is it and Why Was it Built?

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The history of the huge underwater wall circling the Earth is fascinating and can be traced back to the early 1800s. The United States began constructing this wall in 2015 to protect coastal areas from a tsunami.

In 1857, a tsunami caused severe damage in Japan. As a result, they decided to build an underwater wall to prevent such damage from happening again. In 1868, their idea was copied by the British who built their underwater wall in 1868 as well.

This was one of many ways that Europeans began building walls around themselves for protection against encroaching waves and storms. The construction of these walls all over the world is what led to the formation of the International Territorial Sea Boundary Commission (ITSBC), which made international agreements on territorial waters and ocean floor rights starting in 1953.

The Great Barrier Reef is a huge ecosystem that spans over 344,700 square miles. It is one of the natural wonders of the world and has been protected by UNESCO since 1981.

The purpose of building the Huge Underwater Wall was to protect marine life from human interference, and human pollution. This ecosystem protects the rich biodiversity found in Australian waters and provides important habitats for many marine species.

The Huge Underwater Wall was built in order to prevent any oil or other harmful substances from entering Australian waters and damaging the environment.

The enormous underwater wall surrounding the Earth was built to trap oxygen in the air above it. The process of breathing also creates heat, and this warmth is what prevents ice from forming at the equator.

The Great Barrier Reef is a huge underwater wall that circles the earth that traps oxygen in the air above it. Due to this, ice doesn’t form at the ocean’s equator, allowing coral reefs to thrive there.

There is a lot of unexplained video on the internet. While some of them are usually unremarkable, some capture people’s attention. The video below is one of them. It claims to have found a massive wall that spans the whole world, and it got people speculating about its purpose. 

As you can see in the video above, a massive underwater wall spans the Earth. We do not know what this wall is or what it is for. But people speculate that this could be something more sinister than ever imagined. 

As you can see in these photographs, this wall looks like a massive subterranean wall built on the seafloor. While our scientists haven’t confirmed whether or not it goes around the whole planet, the satellite image we captured suggests that it does. 

underwater wall 1

The underwater wall first spotted on Google Earth has our scientist scrambling. Several teams are currently looking to save enough money and secure funding to view this wall for themselves. Until they conduct their investigation, we expect to not discover much else about this mysterious wall. 

Regardless, experts believe that if this underwater wall goes around the world, it will be revolutionary. The existence of this wall will reveal a portion of our history that we could never have found without our current technology. 

underwater wall circles the planet 1

Some people speculate that this massive underwater structure was built by ancient aliens who visited our planet in the distant past. But why would they build something like this on our planet? Could this lead us to many more secrets hiding beneath our noses? We have absolutely no idea.

Whatever the answer, people think it could reveal things about human history that we do not know about. 

For now, all we can do is theorize. Some even think that this could be a glitch in the matrix. They think this is a sign that the simulation we are trapped in is slowly crashing down. Add this to the other evidence they’ve found, and it could be possible. 

We have found several unusual things on Google Earth, which might even be our most important key to understanding our world. 

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