Hollow Earth: Gateway Inside Earth Found in Antarctica?

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The concept of hollow Earth was considered absurd by most. But this theory still has its supporters. It even has an avid following and is usually mentioned in different media. You can even say that pop culture is what made this theory as famous as it is.

Owen Egerton is one of the most well-known personalities discussing the Hollow Earth theory. He said he started thinking about this theory when he tried to answer a nagging question.

1 Hollow Earth Gateway Inside Earth Found in Antarctica

“What is in the center of the universe?”

First, he tried to elaborate on the topic. He realized that terrible things happen, people feel alone and suffer, and they get separated and hurt. But he still thinks there’s beaut.

He then wrote a book mentioning the theory. Despite thinking that the Hollow Earth Theory is harmless nonsense, the recent events have made him reassess his position. He now fears that the several conspiracy theories going around could be true, and he fears the repercussions.

So, he volunteered to go on an expedition to the North Pole on a Russian icebreaker. To prove his idea, he went to check. Unfortunately, the trip was not fruitful, and they found nothing when they reached their destination.

Regardless, Legends say there’s a giant hole on both poles. These holes are known as the Symmes Holes and lead to the center of the Earth.

There are many myths about hollow earth and people have strong beliefs in it. One of the most famous myths is that there is a to access the inner Earth by going to the south pole of Antarctica.

Recently, a conspiracy theory was proposed on Facebook which claimed that there is a gateway inside Earth and people can get into the inner Earth through it. The theory said that this gateway was found at the south pole of Antarctica and no one knows what’s inside because it’s covered with ice sheets. Many people commented on this post and they were all excited about it, they wanted to know more details about it or go see for themselves but there are some who were skeptical or critical about this story so they questioned its authenticity.

The Hollow Earth theory has been around for centuries with proponents in every age. This belief is that the Earth is some kind of hollow sphere with a hemispherical exterior shell and is at least partially located below the surface.

Leyden jars are glass vessels that ancient scientists used to capture lightning. These jars were named after the Dutch scientist who invented it, Bernard Von Leyden. He was an expert on electricity and pioneered the field of electricity experimentation by inventing this device back in 1746.

Sophi Kravitz, a geophysicist at Columbia University said, “Antarctica is about 20 million years old so for life to evolve there it would have had to start pretty much as soon as Antarctica was born” The theory says that life forms originated from seed-like cells or spores within this earth-hollow and adapted first outside of then within its confines.”This idea isn’t new either; it’s been around

There is a space on the Earth that is hundreds of times greater than what people think it would be. The Earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere are actually hollow. And there’s a gateway to this world, Antarctica.

Recently, scientists found a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica which has been linked to human industrial activity and has led scientists to start studying this area more thoroughly.

The idea of a hollow Earth has been around for centuries, with many people believing in it over time. This theory initially started due to observations that the stars disappear when they are near the horizon and wondering how they could have disappeared so quickly if they were just going behind mountains or hillsides.

Moreover, in 1692 Isaac Newton calculated that an object falling from a great height would not feel any resistance from the air – as there is nothing there – and would reach terminal velocity at zero altitudes.

Scientists have also discovered geothermal activity at the South Pole of Antarctica including hotspots and thermal springs as well.

Since Egerton’s trip, he often finds one or two people who thank him for writing about hollow Earth and his experience. And the precedent he set for other explorers is an amazing opportunity.

His expedition was well-funded. It was supported by individuals with the resources to ensure the expedition’s success. And it gained a massive following. If this is replicated, there’s a big chance that we will see a team of explorers disappear in an Arctic expedition and emerge in Antarctica after a few years.

2 Hollow Earth Gateway Inside Earth Found in Antarctica

All we need to find the truth about this theory is the resources. Together, we can make it happen. We have enough people with the willingness and the know-how to make the trip already; they just need to opportunity.

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