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Grey Aliens Demonstrated To This Woman The Earth’s Future


Sherry Wilde claims she was abducted by aliens from another galaxy. Sherry Wilde discusses the differences between abductees and volunteers in this lecture, as well as some surprising information about “her trip” with the aliens. Sherry was only seventeen years old at the time. She recalls a time when she was gone for an extended amount of time.

sherry wild


She had always been intrigued by what had occurred, but dismissed it as an instance of forgetfulness. However, she chose hypnotic regression, and it was through this process that she discovered she had been brought on board an extraterrestrial spacecraft multiple times as a child, not once, but multiple times.

The regression revealed that the aliens had returned her to Earth on a mission to volunteer and transform negative energy. If you’d want to learn more about this, a video is accessible here.


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