Google Earth shows a mysterious UFO crash site in Antarctica that is guarded by tanks.

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Using Google Earth, ufologists discovered the McMurdo Station. As a result, the McMurdo Facility has become the major US research station in Antarctica.

According to ufologists, a strange object landed or crashed in this location, protected by four shapes covered in snow and like a battery of tanks.

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This discovery grabbed the attention of Americans, who quickly erected a base there.

The object’s landing, as shown in the photograph, left a trail behind it, indicating that the mishap occurred before Google Earth captured the image. We have no idea what it is, but we know it is critical; otherwise, there would be no tanks guarding the region.

The image was made public by Valentin Degterev. The UFO crash site may be seen on Google Earth at coordinates 77°49’47.46′′S 166°50’52.31′′E, however the ship and tanks appear to be missing.

Is there a link between this incident and the mystery object that blew up a mountain in the Sandwich Islands?

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We’ve speculated about the possibility of a secret base or a time-frozen UFO crash. We haven’t received an answer yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.

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As you can see, when unusual and enigmatic phenomena like these occur, Antarctica draws them in like a magnet.


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