Experts Tested Octopus DNA and Found It Isn’t From Our Planet.

A group of experts sought to decipher the cephalopod DNA code to see what they might learn. One of the main reasons for this was their ability to swiftly change neural properties that affect memory and learning capability.

In some cephalopod-specific genes, the skin, suckers, and nervous system are all complex organic structures.

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The brain networks contain half a billion neurons, the bulk of which are dispersed outward from the skull without the need for a spinal cord, as in animals.

One of the most astonishing features of these animals’ brain systems is that they can do cognitive tasks even if one of their limbs is amputated. This is a fantastic example of cutting-edge biological engineering in action.

3 octopus dna

This is due to reflectins, which are six protein genes that govern how light bounces off the octopus’ skin.

Octopuses are undeniably one of science’s most perplexing creatures. Due to their enormous intricacy, many experts believe they are extraterrestrials, or at the very least contain alien genetic baggage.

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