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Dr.Andrew Basiago: “I have traveled physically through time and can demonstrate it”


Although most scientists believe time travel is “still” impossible, a Washington lawyer claims to have done so dozens of times during the Cold War as part of a secret project. (Basiago, Andrew)

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Portals that connect to alternate timelines and dimensions have appeared in several books, films, and video games. Several of them travel to distant locations, while others move backward or forward in time, and the most powerful ones travel to alternate universes.

While the majority of people believe these gateways exist only in mysticism or science fiction, there are many people, including scientists, who are adamant that portals were opened in ancient times and, very probably, even today.

(Basiago, Andrew)

Two informants stated that the Department of Defense created Time Travel Technology more than 40 years ago. As early as 1967, the US government would have used a separate installation based on Tesla quantum access. (Basiago, Andrew)

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This technology has been used to conceal the location of military installations and to provide political and economic advantages by foreseeing the future. According to some, the CIA seized Tesla’s teleportation paperwork immediately after his death.

Michael Relfe, a former member of the US Armed Forces who claimed to have been a member of a US Operation of High Secret, is one of these two informants. He claims he was recruited in 1976 and spent the next two decades assisting in the maintenance and expansion of one of the two or more US Mars colonies.

These bases served as strategic research and defense objectives, and were constructed in the future to maintain their secrecy.

Dr. Andrew D. Basiago was a member of the DARPA Pegasus Project (1968–1972), which investigated time travel through a hologram of time and space. He asserted that the CIA was actively training groups of exceptionally brilliant American youngsters to serve as the first generation of explorers.


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For various alarming reasons, the children were more fitted to this assignment. To begin, they were seen as perfect candidates due to their uncluttered minds and lack of impressions or experience. The United States government was interested in the consequences of time travel on developing bodies and brains. Adult participants frequently succumbed to insanity after multiple trips. Fortunately, innocent children lacked prior experience and beliefs that could have influenced them negatively. (Basiago, Andrew)

Another application of quantum technology has been discovered in the realm of political control. According to Dr. Basiago, individuals of future importance would be advised in advance of the responsibilities they would be expected to fulfill years later. He stated that he attended a luncheon in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the 1970s where George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were briefed of their future presidency.

Basiago claims that he first saw photos of the Twin Towers attack on September 11, 2001, in 1971. They had been retrieved from the future and returned for analysis. This means that the US government was aware of 9/11 three decades in advance of its occurrence.

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According to informants and those who support them, although being supported by the populace, this technology is kept hidden. This is not the first time these missions have been declassified as a result of their enormous potential.

They assert that the public has a right to know the truth regarding space exploration and the presence of humans on other planets; nevertheless, the contrary occurs. Teleportation has the potential to alleviate global transportation difficulties by allowing people and products to transfer instantly.

Additionally, it would aid in immediately dismantling the pyramid of existing despotic authority, which is precisely why this information is withheld.

Source: infinityexplorers.com


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