Do Neanderthals Still Exist in Mountains and Forests Today?

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Reports are spreading around the residents of Pamirs, stating the existence of a two-meter giant with a strange look. It’s neither monkey nor human. A Soviet expedition back in the 1980s journeyed to Tajikistan, going to Mount Guisar’s valley in the chain of Pamir-Altai, to detect this creature, which they call Neanderthals. Researchers used the stony ground to draw a line and shattered it to make a dusty path. It will let a night visitor leave a mark.

There are a lot of cases of mistaken identity, but people keep seeing them. It is true that cases of mistaken identity are common in our society. But there are a number of cases where people have supposedly seen Neanderthals and the evidence can be explained if we simply look at the light conditions and weather. Neanderthals were supposed to have died out about 40,000 years ago. So it’s not necessarily impossible for them to still exist today, but these sightings are very rare and hard to verify because they were tens of millions of years ago. The belief that Neanderthals still exist is fairly common, but the evidence is scarce.

Keep in mind that Neanderthals were a species of human who lived on Earth during the Old Stone Age. They were quite different from modern humans, having more hairy bodies and larger noses, among other things. They died out around 40,000 years ago, but there have been several reports that they might still exist in our forests and mountains today.

Scientists have determined that there was an overlap in the presence of Neanderthals and modern humans, who interbred for thousands of years. There are also several Neanderthal genes present in modern humans today. But scientists have not discovered any evidence to suggest that there is still a population of Neanderthals alive on Earth today.

A research team found that the Neanderthal genetic material might still exist in the human genome. Moreover, both scientists and anthropologists have just discovered new findings of Neanderthal’s existence in mountains and forests. Therefore, it is possible that humans could be living alongside Neanderthals today.

After a few days, one expedition’s members encountered a 16-centimeter-wide and 34-centimeter-long footprint. They called the bizarre creature a “huge bump,” leaving the market with a big leg. According to researchers in the northern United States, it’s a relative to the Big Foot.

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In the Jiulong Mountains, which is in the province of Zhejiang, the Chinese press reported the possibility of hominids. They discovered 11 nooks sliced into the rock at a 1,550-meter altitude in extensive woods. There’s a thick bed from dry leaves and straw on the ground. The residents told the researchers that they saw these hominids, which are 1.5- to 1.60-meter tall and 70 to 80-kilogram heavy. These also have reddish hair, which is 3 to 4-centimeter long, and the hair covers their bodies.

Chinese scientists accepted a series of trips to Hubei, Shanxi, Tibet, Zhejiang, and Junnan, but there were no results. According to Wang Tselin, a biologist, the skull is similar to the Beijing Man, who had already vanished. Tselin studied these perished creatures in the region of Gansu in 1940. Scientists say it eats rodents, roots, fruits, plants, and insects. Experts also think it’s a progeny of the Gigantopithecus, an animal that differs from people and doesn’t use tools or communicate.

An English anthropologist named Shackley thinks that two groups of survivors vanished long ago. The survivors from the Gigantopithecus group were found in other places, and Neanderthals were also.

Other researchers observed other places in the world, and they saw Neanderthals. An English mountaineer named Chris Bonington claimed he photographed the steps of the so-called “mountain man,” who was in the Himalayas. The height of the man was about 5,000 meters.

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