The Myth and Truth of the 13,000-Year-Old Foreign Satellite – The Dark Knight

The Myth and Truth of the 13,000-Year-Old Foreign Satellite – The Dark Knight

History went back to 1899. Around that time, Nikola Tesla moved to a laboratory in Colorado Springs and began his experiments with high voltage and electric field measurements.

During the eight months he was there, he spent part of his time developing small signal receivers and measuring the capacity of a vertical antenna.

During his observations, Tesla received a periodic signal coming from somewhere in space. But it would not last until May 14, 1954, when the story of the satellite of unknown origin took shape.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner featured articles mentioning the presence of two satellites in our planet’s orbit.

In 1960, on February 11, the alarm went off again, after an unidentified vehicle was discovered in a polar orbit

Was it the Dark Knight again?
After 3 years, Gordon Cooper went into space on a mission to orbit the Earth 22 times. In his last orbit, he said he saw a light in front of his capsule.

In Muchea, Australia, there was a tracking station that reportedly received the radar echo of the object reported by Cooper. They said the equipment was not working properly and the excess co2 made the astronaut see hallucinations.

At that time this mysterious object was already called the Dark Knight “black knight”.

A Scottish researcher named Duncan Lunan, in 1973, wrote an article in a journal of the British Interplanetary Association, in which he wrote about how he had identified and deciphered a message from a satellite launched in 1920.

It was captured by Norwegian and German researchers who were conducting a study on the effect of long-delayed echo.

Lunan says that the message came from an object in Lagrange point L5, the message read:

“Our home is in Epsilon Boötis, which is a double star. We live on the sixth to seventh planet, the largest of the two suns. The sixth planet has a moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets, each. The probe is in the Arcturus position, according to our maps.

The graphic tests came with the STS-88 spacecraft mission, the first mission to transport equipment to the ISS (International Space Station).

Some photos were posted at NASA’s depot, where Endeavor cameras had captured some strange objects. But after a few days, the photos disappeared and those photos were already somewhere else.

Is it true that there is a satellite orbiting the Earth, thousands of years old, that issues an invitation to a meeting between civilizations? Why are they hiding it from us?

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