Exel sheet with Alien Pilot found (Video)

Exel sheet with Alien Pilot found (Video)

Hacker Gary McKinnon has stolen many NASA secrets

NASA has kept a lot of secret information for years, and that is why hackers have attacked and tried to gather as much information as possible.

And exactly what hacker Gary Mckinnon did. He hacked NASA and entered the space agency database and found what was hiding.

He never thought he would be able to find information about UFOs

What NASA is hiding

Gary Mckinnon found some pictures of UFOs in documents with EXCEL files, there he also found lists of pilots and soldiers!

Pilots and soldiers had different ranks, from Sergeant to Major. And it all starts here, there were some of them who were not of this world.

Gary Mckinnon goes to jail and spends more than a decade in jail, and the courts still attack him from time to time. NASA has managed to keep this issue calm.

However, in some press conferences and interviews he says that the EXCEL file exists.

What are they hiding from us?

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