Evidence of “human giants”

Evidence of “human giants”

Evidence of “human giants” destroyed by the Smithsonian Institution

For the Giants have been debated for many years by the Smithsonian Institution. And a decision by the United States Supreme Court has forced them to release all classified documents.

When it comes to archeology, the Smithsonian Institution is one of the most important. The institute has funded specialists from all over the world.

Documents from 1900 show that the institute was present in the discovery of the remains of the giants.

But the Elite was forced to defend the traditional chronology of history and evolution, and it was decided to destroy the evidence.

Lawsuit from Alternative Archeology

The accusations were strong, and they refuse to destroy the giants’ evidence.
The Smithsonian Institution did not stand idly by and came up with a counterclaim. The Smithsonian Institution said that Alternative Archeology slandered and wanted to damage the institute’s reputation.

Some members of the institution after appearing in court admitted that they had some documents of the destruction of hundreds of human skeletons that were from 2 to 4.5 meters long.

And most important was when they show a 1.3 meter tall female femur. And with this fact they show that such wastes existed.

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