Declassification of extraterrestrial existence by the FBI

Declassification of extraterrestrial existence by the FBI

The document which reveals the origin

The most controversial topic of this time is the existence of UFOs, and what does it mean where the FBI claims their existence as well as their origin?

A document intentionally or unintentionally dropped by the FBI has caused a great deal of controversy, revealing not only its existence but also its origins and technology.

Part of the document says:

“Some of the cymbals have equipment, others are under remote control; the ship and the visitors’ bodies materialize automatically when they enter the vibrating velocity of our dense matter… »

Extraterrestrial Discovery

This kind of information does not surprise the public. In recent years, the spread of information has increased enormously and at the highest levels, and some of the officials of the most powerful governments in the world say such things.

Let us mention a case where Donald Trump assured that he would disqualify files related to UFOs.

It is also a statement of John Podesta, who was an official of the Clinton and Obama administrations. And on his Twitter account, he said he regretted not being able to detect extraterrestrial beings.

This problem of not declassifying information about UFOs has to do directly with the elites and corporations that dominate the world.

Discoveries are given little by little and constantly. For every year or decade we have seen documents, stories and important events for extraterrestrial beings.

Declassified FBI document

«Part of the discs hold equipment; others are under remote control.

His mission is peaceful; visitors think of settling on this planet.

These visitors are human in type, but much larger in size.

They are not people incarnate from Earth, but come from their own world.

The disks have a kind of radiant energy.

They do not come from any “planet” when we use the word, but from an etheric planet that interferes with ours and is not perceptible to us.

The bodies of visitors and the ship also materialize automatically as they enter the vibrating velocity of our dense matter.

They re-enter the ether at will and simply disappear from our vision, leaving no trace.

The region from which they come is not the astral plane, but corresponds to the curves or Talas. Students of esoteric issues will understand these terms. ‘

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