An ancient pyramid on the moon

An ancient pyramid on the moon

In a UFO Sightings Daily blog post, Scott C. Waring claims to have discovered a pyramid on the surface of the moon

The images were taken by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera LROC

You can see the original image by clicking the link below:

Researcher Scott C. Waring says an alien empire existed near Earth in the past, and said the evidence for its presence is the pyramid on the moon.

On November 20 he wrote, Today I found a pyramid on the Moon.
It is about 1km wide, and is similar to the pyramids of Egypt
He further added that the aliens could have gone to the Moon on Earth thousands of years ago.

He went further and said I found many other very interesting things, and it is proof that the ancient aliens moved from the Moon to Earth.

Nasa with official explanation

The US space agency issued a statement stating that the pyramidal structure on the lunar surface is simply natural and has no artificial origin.

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