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A Giant crashed Disc-Shaped UFO was captured on Mars

Jean Ward, a renowned ufologist and virtual paleontologist, has revealed his astonishing discovery.

The ufologist noticed blueprints of a giant plate formed piece that likely destroyed as it slammed with the planet’s surface in a NASA rocket photograph of Mars’ outer layer.

The unusual object, which measures around 15 meters in length, is partially covered by Martian dirt.

According to the ufologist, this implies that the UFO had a high velocity before to impact, thus the pilot of the mechanical assembly sought to slow its growth on the planet’s outer layer.

The ufologist admits that even before the descent, the UFO was gravely wounded since its pilot had no choice but to make a crisis landing.

The expert draws attention to the fact that even outsider boats have drawbacks.

Here’s the full video:

The image under consideration here (PSP 001984 1735) was obtained by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on December 29, 2006.

Giza’s Ancient Pyramids and their strange relationship with Orion’s belt

Due to their comparable positions, there is a theory that the Orion is somehow connected to the Earth’s pyramids. Robert Bauval’s book The Mystery of Orion was the first to examine this in the 1990s.

2 Gizas Ancient Pyramids and Their Strange Relationship to Orions Belt

As one might imagine, the three Egyptian pyramids of Giza are exactly aligned with the Orion Belt’s three-star pattern.

To put it mildly, the Giza pyramids have always been unique, as they are not tombs in the manner of the majority of other Egyptian pyramids.

3 Gizas Ancient Pyramids and Their Strange Relationship to Orions Belt

According to astronomers, there are three primary reasons why these might be connected to the Orion Belt.

4 Gizas Ancient Pyramids and Their Strange Relationship to Orions Belt

To begin, the pyramids all point toward the Milky Way, which contains the Orion Belt.

Second, as seen in this figure, the first two pyramids are aligned, while the third, by far the smallest, is misaligned. Experts say this was done deliberately to represent the three stars of the Orion Belt.

5 Gizas Ancient Pyramids and Their Strange Relationship to Orions Belt

Finally, as previously stated, they are all pointing specifically at Orion. How do you feel about this hypothesis? What does all of this imply?

“The world’s scientists are incorrect!” Stephen Hawking once said. “Time Travel is a real Possibility!”

Do you believe in Time Travel? Stephen Hawking does, and he believes that the majority of the world’s physicists are mistaken in their denial of time travel. Indeed, all that is required is “one wormhole, the Large Hadron Collider, or a really, really fast rocket.” Hawking is not alone in his belief in the possibility of time travel.

Sir Arthur Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, famously asserted that “when a prominent scientist asserts an impossibility, he is very likely mistaken.” As Hawking puts it, “Although I am unable to move and must communicate by computer, I am free in my thoughts.” Free to explore the cosmos and ponder major topics such as: is time travel possible? Is it possible to create a doorway to the past or a shortcut to the future? Can we eventually employ natural rules to become masters of time?”

However, numerous prominent scientists, like Charles Liu (“One Universe: At Home in the Cosmos”) and Michio Kaku (“Hyperspace”), support the notion of time travel. True to Clarke’s thesis, which is sometimes lovingly referred to as “Clarke’s Law,” each argument appears to be a cause to anticipate time travel rather than a reason to rule it out. One of the difficulties, as Professor Greene points out, is that all time-travel theories operate at the very edge of known physics, making them highly improbable to work — all the more so given that stretching the edges of our understanding is how new discoveries are discovered. As Sir Clarke once stated, “the only way to learn the boundaries of the achievable is to travel slightly beyond them into the impossible.”

Stephen Hawking puts it succinctly:

"I have a firm belief in time travel. Travel through time to the future. Time runs like a river, and it appears as though each of us is dragged along ceaselessly by the tide of time. However, time is similar to a river in another aspect. It flows at varying speeds in different locations, which is necessary for traveling into the future. Albert Einstein introduced this concept more than a century ago."

With Ancient Manuscripts, Scholar Establishes That The Bible Is A Work Of Fiction

Scholar Establishes That the King James Bible Is Heavily Edited

Jeffrey Miller, an American academic, stated his finding will give insight on how the King James Bible, first published in 1611, came to be. Jeffrey Miller discovered the manuscript, which consists of 70 handwritten pieces written between 1604 and 1608 in historic archives and contains biblical commentary in Greek and Hebrew. For centuries, the document remained undiscovered and unstudied.

2 With Ancient Manuscripts Scholar Establishes That The Bible Is A Work Of Fiction
Jeffrey Alan Miller of Montclair State University came upon Samuel Ward’s manuscript translation in an archive at Cambridge. Left, the title page of the King James Bible in 1611.CreditFred R. Conrad for The New York Times

Now that this has been discovered, historians have discovered several inconsistencies with the original material, and experts suggest that huge chunks of the Bible’s original contents were deleted from the ‘final product,’ as well as major persons and events. Thus, the critical question is: What is factual and what is made up?

According to some, this ancient book demonstrates how the Bible is a work of fiction.

As the NY Times reports:

Mr. Campbell compared studying the origins of the King James Bible to "working with a jigsaw puzzle where 90% of the pieces are missing." "You may rearrange the remaining parts however you desire, but then you discover something new and realize you arranged them incorrectly."

The King James Bible was published in 1611 by six teams of translators known as "companies" in London, Oxford, and Cambridge. They were tasked with establishing an approved version that would defend the Church of England against the Puritan influence evident in some earlier translations. Along with Shakespeare's 1623 First Folio, it is one of the most significant works in the history of English and the source of many familiar expressions, including "salt of the earth," "drop in the bucket," and "fight the good fight."

The King James Bible is an English translation of the Christian Bible produced in 1611 for the Church of England. The King James Version’s books include the Old Testament’s 39 books, as well as a part including the Apocrypha’s 14 books and the New Testament’s 27 books.

3 With Ancient Manuscripts Scholar Establishes That The Bible Is A Work Of Fiction
“There’s a strong desire to see the King James Bible as a uniform object, and a belief that it’s great because of its collaborative nature,” Professor Miller said.
“It was incredibly collaborative,” he continued. “But it was done in a much more complicated, nuanced, and at times individualistic way than we’ve ever really had good evidence to believe.”

King James directed that the six teams of translators based in London, Oxford, and Cambridge develop a version that suited the English Church’s demands. The King desired a ‘approved’ Bible that would vindicate the English Church against Puritan influence in previous texts. Clearly, this opens the door to editing…and maybe “inventing?”

“You can see how Greek, Latin, and Hebrew all contribute to what will become the most widely read piece of English literature ever written,” Professor Miller explained. “It brings you unbelievably close to the mental process.”

4 With Ancient Manuscripts Scholar Establishes That The Bible Is A Work Of Fiction

Miller expects that the finding of the text will aid in our understanding of how and by whom the bible was written. Thus, Miller is prudent in conducting some fact checking before to making ludicrous statements.

“There was a kind of thunderstruck, leap-out-of-the-bathtub moment,” Miller explained in an interview with the New York Times. “However, the tedious procedure of ensuring your accuracy follows.”

Here’s the video:

Before patenting his UFO, Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence.

While pilots and government authorities are actively investigating UFOs, a Serbian-American inventor had previously filed a patent for it a decade ago. This happened despite famous scientists dismissing the idea of flying machines at the end of the 19th century.

Nikola Tesla, the scientist responsible for many scientific advances, was the first to create a functioning flying saucer or UFO.

Flying Saucer by Tesla

1 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla filed a disputed patent in 1928. It was the “World’s First Flying Saucer”. This was a first for Tesla. He has used Electromagnetic force instead of Gravitational force. Electromagnetic force is thought to be the strongest. So if this Flying Saucer is true, it should be the fastest aircraft.

The Electromagnetic force is (2.2 x 1039) greater than gravity. For example, if the energy required to mechanically raise a block one fourth of a millimetre is X. The same energy used to the block could elevate it (5.6 x 1024) kilometres. That’s how strong a magnetic-force-driven airplane would be!

2 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s Flying Saucer design resembles claims of persons who claimed to have seen a UFO from within. There is a discoidal capacitor and several additional tiny capacitors. The discoidal capacitor generates force while the other capacitors regulate the driving direction. His model has gyroscopic stabilization and electric propulsion control.

What is it?

3 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s flying contraption resembles both a helicopter and an airplane. It’s a torpedo. His machine’s inner surface is made up of circular channels. circle the craft’s center.

There are high-frequency coils in these channels. The design includes an electrostatic and electromagnetic load resonant transformer. The Tesla Coil within the ship is one of Tesla’s early creations.

4 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s flying contraption is powered by magnetohydrodynamics, which generates the structure. Michael Faraday noticed it first. This device works by applying a high-frequency, high-voltage alternating current to a pair of metal plates, causing a magnetic field to be formed. The magnetic and electric fields are perpendicular. Both fields work together to provide push in a direction perpendicular to both electric and magnetic fields.

5 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

This force is due to the reaction against the solid-state condition of space-time, not to any ejection of matter (Newton’s Third Law). The high-frequency electromagnetic pulse of that location helps this process. So thrust is frequency dependent, not fuel.

Before patenting his flying saucer, Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence.

Experiment Station for high-voltage, high-frequency electrical transmission developed by Tesla outside Colorado Springs in 1899. Tesla’s 1899 radio experiments spawned a slew of conspiracy theories. During one of his studies, he discovered an odd signal from his receiver. He thought it was alien communication.

6 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Nikola Tesla intercepted the transmissions here. On the other hand, he was researching

“I am convinced that very intelligent beings exist on Mars.

I have incredible experimental proof of life on Mars…” Tesla informed the press after his Colorado tests. “I caught signs that said 1–2–3–4.” Numbers are universal, thus I assume the Martians utilized them to communicate.

7 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

This encounter may have inspired Tesla’s development of the flying saucer.

Tesla’s Flying Saucer remained a fantasy. The major cause is a shortage of funds. After his feud with Thomas Edison, he struggled to get investors. Edison backed competitor Guglielmo Marconi’s proposals. He ignored Tesla’s futuristic inventions.

8 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s relationship with JP Morgan was short-lived due to investor skepticism about the system’s practicality. Edison’s team had achieved considerable advances in radio technology by then. Tesla was compelled to abandon his idea.

Tesla on future flying machines
Tesla predicted the future of hassle-free and rapid transportation in 1926, two years before patenting his flying saucer.

“Perhaps the most beneficial application of wireless power will propel flying machines,” Tesla stated in a 1926 interview with Collier magazine. We’ll travel from NYC to Europe in a day. International borders are substantially abolished, and a great step towards racial harmony is taken.”

9 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Also, Tesla made several revolutionary forecasts in this conversation. On wireless power, mobile phone technology, and even feminine dominance. Tesla said that humans will be able to “instantly converse with each other, regardless of distance.”

It was taken after his death, including his patents for the Flying Saucer.

10 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s voracious imagination changed the globe. His outstanding 1928 patent made the UFO an IFO (Identified Flying Object). Regardless, the initiative lacked funding.

11 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

The US secret agency confiscated his patents after his death. Why would the US secret service be interested in his patents if his inventions were weak? His flying saucer is rumoured to be thoroughly scrutinized and developed undercover.

12 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

The FBI claimed his innovations were of no “significant significance to this country”. Seizing his works, the Office of Alien Property Custodian property. But his works inexplicably vanished after the conflict.


The Xenobots’ next generation has arrived.

In 2020, scientists made headlines worldwide when they developed “xenobots” – small “programmable” living beings composed of thousands of frog stem cells.

These pioneering xenobots were capable of moving through fluids and were said to be beneficial for detecting radioactivity, contaminants, medications, and infections. Early xenobots were capable of surviving for up to ten days.

In early 2021, a second batch of xenobots demonstrated unexpected new properties. These included self-healing and increased life expectancy. Additionally, they demonstrated a capability for cooperative behavior in swarms, for example, by massing into groups.

The same team of biologists, roboticists, and computer scientists presented a new type of xenobot last week. As with prior xenobots, they were built using artificial intelligence to simulate billions of prototypes, avoiding the time-consuming trial-and-error process in the laboratory. However, the latest xenobots have a critical difference: they are capable of self-replication.

What’s going on? They are capable of self-replication?!

The new xenobots are similar to Pac-Man in that they can suck up other frog stem cells and assemble new xenobots similar to themselves as they swim around. They are capable of sustaining this process for multiple generations.

However, they do not reproduce biologically in the conventional sense. Rather than that, they form the groupings of frog cells with their “mouths.” Ironically, the recently extinct Australian gastric-breeding frog was the only species that delivered birth via the mouth.

The latest development gets scientists one step closer to generating self-replicating organisms. Is this truly a Pandora’s Box?

Human-designed self-replication is not novel in concept. In 1966, John Von Neumann, a prominent mathematician, discussed “self-reproducing automata.”

In his 1986 book Engines of Creation, Eric Drexler, the US engineer credited with establishing the subject of “nanotechnology,” famously alluded to the possibilities of “grey goo.” He envisioned self-replicating nanobots that consumed their surrounds, converting everything into a sludge comprised entirely of themselves.

Although Drexler later regretted coining the term, his thought experiment has frequently been used to warn against the dangers associated with the development of new biological matter.

In 2002, an artificial polio virus produced from custom DNA sequences became capable of self-replication without the assistance of artificial intelligence. Although the laboratory-created virus was contained, it was capable of infecting and killing mice.

Prospects and advantages

According to the researchers that developed the new xenobots, their primary importance is in showcasing developments in biology, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Future robots constructed entirely of organic materials may be more environmentally benign, as they may be engineered to degrade rather than remain. They may contribute to the resolution of health issues affecting humans, animals, and the environment. They may aid in the development of regenerative medicine or cancer therapy.

Xenobots may also serve as an inspiration for art and fresh perspectives on life. Strangely, xenobot “offspring” are created in the image of their parents, but not from them. As a result, they reproduce without genuinely reproducing biologically.

Perhaps alien life forms construct their “children” entirely from items in their environment, rather than from their own bodies?

What dangers exist?

It’s natural to harbor apprehensions regarding xenobot research. While one xenobot researcher stated that there is a “moral duty” to investigate these self-replicating systems, the research team acknowledges that their work raises legal and ethical difficulties.

Hundreds of years ago, English philosopher Francis Bacon proposed that certain types of inquiry are too risky to conduct. While we believe that is not the case with existing xenobots, it may be in the future.

Any hostile use of xenobots, or the use of artificial intelligence to build DNA sequences that result in intentionally hazardous synthetic creatures, is prohibited under the United Nations’ Biological Weapons Convention, the 1925 Geneva Protocol, and the Chemical Weapons Convention.

However, their use outside of combat is less precisely regulated.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of these advancements, which include artificial intelligence, robotics, and biology, they are difficult to govern. However, it is critical to examine possibly hazardous usage.

There is an instructive precedence in this case. In 2017, the United States’ national academies of science and medicine released a joint study on the emerging field of human genome editing.

It defined the criteria under which scientists should be permitted to modify human genes in ways that would enable the changes to be passed on to future generations. It recommended that this labor be limited to “vital reasons of treating or preventing significant sickness or impairment,” and even then, only under strict supervision.

Both the United States and the United Kingdom currently permit select instances of human gene editing. However, generating new species capable of self-perpetuation was much beyond the reach of these investigations.

Observing the future

While xenobots are not yet created from human embryos or stem cells, it is possible that they may be in the future. Their creation poses similar concerns concerning the creation and modification of self-regulating biological forms.

At the moment, xenobots have a short lifespan and reproduce only once every few generations. Nonetheless, as the researchers point out, biological stuff can behave in unexpected ways, and these are not always benign.

We should also examine the non-human world’s potential consequences. Human, animal, and environmental health are inextricably linked, and introduced organisms can wreak havoc on ecosystems inadvertently.

What constraints should we impose on science in order to avert a real-world “grey goo” scenario? It is premature to be entirely prescriptive. However, authorities, scientists, and society must carefully balance the risks and benefits.

Here’s the video:

What We Know About the Unknown Origins of the Black Knight Satellite

Since the discovery of the Black Knight Satellite more than 80 years ago, sources from the United States, Russia, and Europe have stated that the spacecraft is of “unknown origin,” and that it may be an old extraterrestrial satellite.

Since it was initially proposed by none other than Nikola Tesla himself in 1899, the Black Knight Satellite idea has become very popular among ufologists and conspiracy theorists.

According to him, the Black Knight Satellite circles our planet approximately every 15 to 20 years and, while doing so, it collects information on our society, thereby spying on us the entire time.

2 What We Know About the Unknown Origins of the Black Knight Satellite

Despite the fact that he spoke about it on a frequent basis, Nikola Tesla was not able to get much notice for his work on the subject. Fortunately for this hypothesis, on May 14th, 1954, two newspapers, the St Louis Post Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner, brought it to the notice of the public.

This notion gained even more popularity in the 1960s, when the United States and the Soviet Union both happened to come upon a shipwrecked spacecraft that none of them could claim as their own. Since that fateful day on February 11th, the globe has, to put it mildly, been staring up at the sky in a different way than it has previously.

3 What We Know About the Unknown Origins of the Black Knight Satellite

Gordon Cooper, a well-known astronaut, also seen it personally while on a flight. NASA, on the other hand, denied his assertions, claiming that everything was simply a result of an excess of CO2 in his brain.

The most compelling piece of evidence, on the other hand, comes from NASA’s own STS-88 space shuttle flight. This is the location where we discovered all of the photographs you see on this page.

4 What We Know About the Unknown Origins of the Black Knight Satellite

They were originally taken down, but we have since re-uploaded them many times in order to make our point more effectively.

Here’s the full video:

Ohio University expert discovers signs of life on Mars

Life on Mars 696x444 1
Numerous photographs demonstrate how arthropod body components, including legs, antennae, and wings, can be discerned from the surrounding landscape, and one appears to show one of the insects in a steep dive before pulling up just before impacting the earth.

According to a researcher from Ohio University in the United States, there is evidence of insect-like critters on Mars.

Professor Emeritus William Romoser’s study discovered multiple examples of insect-like forms, constructed similarly to bees, as well as reptile-like forms, both as fossils and live organisms, courtesy of various Mars rovers.

“Life has been and continues to exist on Mars,” Romoser stated, saying that the photographs appear to depict both fossilized and living animals.

“There appears to be considerable diversity among the Martian insect-like fauna, which share a number of characteristics with Terran insects classified as advanced groups, such as the existence of wings, wing flexion, swift gliding/flight, and variably formed leg parts,” Romoser stated.

While the Martian rovers, notably the Curiosity Rover, have been searching for signs of organic activity, Romoser said that there are a number of photographs that clearly represent insect — and reptile-like — morphologies.

Numerous photographs demonstrate how arthropod body components, including legs, antennae, and wings, can be discerned from the surrounding landscape, and one appears to show one of the insects in a steep dive before pulling up just before impacting the earth.

Individual photographs were examined in great detail while adjusting photography factors such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and inversion. There has been no addition or deletion of information.

Romoser’s research comprised the following criteria: dramatic deviance from the surrounding environment, clarity of form, bodily symmetry, segmentation of body parts, recurring shape, skeletal remains, and observation of forms in close proximity to one another.

Certain postures, signs of mobility, flight, apparent interaction as implied by relative positions, and shining eyes were deemed to be compatible with the existence of live organisms.

“Once a distinct picture of a particular shape was found and defined, it aided in the detection of additional less distinct but equally valid representations of the same fundamental form,” Romoser explained.

The presence of an exoskeleton and jointed limbs is sufficient to identify an arthropod.

Three body sections, a single pair of antennae, and six legs have historically been sufficient to create a ‘insect’ identity on Earth.

Additionally, these features should be relevant for classifying a creature on Mars as insect-like. Arthropodan, insect-like creatures can be detected on their bases in Mars rover images.”

On Earth, these animals have a passing resemblance to bumblebees or carpenter bees. Other photographs depict these “bees” sheltering or nesting in caverns. Others depict a petrified snake-like creature.

“The possibility of higher metazoan creatures on Mars necessitates the availability of nutrient/energy sources and processes, food chains and webs, and water as constituents that work in a sustainable, albeit extreme, ecological context conducive to life,” Romoser explained.

“The evidence for life on Mars offered here establishes a firm foundation for a number of further critical biological, social, and political problems,” he added.

The paper was presented at the national conference of the Entomological Society of America.

On Mars, a ufologist discovered a massive ancient pyramid.

Scott Waring, a Taiwanese ufologist best known for his search for indications of life on Mars, uncovered another strange discovery while studying Mars’ satellite photographs. He discovered what appeared to be a pyramidal building.

Ufologist spotted a huge ancient pyramid on Mars 2

According to the researcher’s blog, he discovered a four-sided pyramid on Mars using the Google Earth program. According to the ufologist, the old edifice is approximately 3 kilometers tall.

Ufologist spotted a huge ancient pyramid on Mars 3 1

According to Waring, such towering structures were built using extraterrestrial technology guided by artificial intelligence.

The researcher is continuously discovering diverse structures, artifacts, and other odd objects in Mars images that contradict the assumption of “lifeless Martian wastes.”

Researchers Will Not Provide an Explanation for These Strange Discoveries – Unexplained Ruins – Strange Artifacts – Ancient Technology

By visiting a museum and reading a history book, you may see how mankind or society has progressed from its roots to the present.

1 egyptian museum

For instance, much of the older evidence on show in museums is. It has been purposefully distorted to fit our preconceived assumptions.

2 unexplained artifact

However, numerous additional finds provide a very different picture of what occurred.

3 ancient artifact

These artifacts or pieces of evidence are referred to as “out of place artifacts,” and they all indicate to ancient, highly advanced civilizations that existed prior to us.

4 ancient reptilian god

Although these discoveries are well-documented, historians and academics frequently overlook them.
It’s impossible to disregard historical discrepancies that present a contradictory picture of our history.

5 weird ancient tech

It is critical to highlight that the majority of these artifacts reflect human history in a circular fashion.
You’re going to be astounded by what you see in the video.

Here’s the full video:

Fragments of an Ancient Alien World Remain Deep Within Our Planet

They are the largest and oddest formations on Earth: enormous, unexplained blobs of solid rock hidden deep under our planet’s mantle.

There are two of these monstrous masses – dubbed the large low-shear-velocity provinces (LLSVPs) – one beneath Africa and one beneath the Pacific Ocean.


These anomalies are so huge that they generate their own disturbances, such as the large phenomenon known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, which is currently evolving within and weakening Earth’s magnetic field.

As for how and why the LLSVPs ended up in this state within the mantle, scientists have a lot of theories but few hard evidence.

What is known is that these gigantic blobs have existed for an extremely long period of time, with some speculating that they may have been a part of Earth prior to the giant impact that created the Moon – ancient remnants of the collision between Earth and the mythical planet Theia.

According to this commonly accepted theory, the Mars-sized Theia collided with the very early Earth some 4.5 billion years ago, with a large portion of Theia and/or potentially Earth fragmenting off and producing the Moon we know today orbiting Earth.

What became of the rest of Theia is unknown. Was it annihilated, or did it merely ricochet out into space’s infinity? We have no idea.

ff 1

According to some academics, the cores of these two primordial planets may have fused into one, and the chemical exchanges resulting from this epic merging are what enabled life to flourish on the resulting globe.

Now, scientists have returned to these titanic questions with a new theory, one that incorporates the enigmatic LLSVP blobs into the Earth/Theia hybrid hypothesis.

According to new modeling by Arizona State University (ASU), the LLSVPs may be old shards of Theia’s iron-rich and dense mantle that sank deep into Earth’s own mantle during the two developing worlds’ collision and has been buried there for billions of years.


“While the Giant Impact hypothesis is one of the most studied hypotheses for the Moon’s origin, direct evidence for the presence of the impactor Theia remains elusive,” the researchers note in a summary of their findings presented last week at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

“We demonstrate that Theia’s mantle may be several percent denser intrinsically than the Earth’s mantle, allowing the mantle elements from Theia to sink to the Earth’s lowermost mantle and aggregate into thermochemical piles that may be responsible for seismically observed LLSVPs.”

While there has been speculation for years that the LLSVPs are an alien memento implanted by Theia, the current research looks to be the most detailed formulation yet. The findings are now being reviewed and will be published in Geophysical Research Letters in the near future.

Apart from the mantle modeling, the findings are consistent with prior research indicating that certain chemical signatures associated with the LLSVPs are at least as primitive as those associated with the Theia impact.

tải xuống 1

“Therefore, the primitive materials may have originated from the LLSVPs, which makes sense if the LLSVPs preserve components from Theia’s mantle that predate the Giant Impact,” Yuan and his co-authors write.

We’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the scientific community reacts to the team’s results, but for now, we have another possibility for what these strange abnormalities could be — and it’s literally the most improbable answer ever.

“This insane notion is at the very least conceivable,” Yuan told Science.

The discoveries were reported last week at the 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, which was held virtually.

Source: P. Dockrill (n.d.). Numerous shards of an extraterrestrial world may be buried deep below the earth.

This Is Not an Extraterrestrial UFO, This Is a Top-Secret Anti-Gravity Plane Called TR-3B

In the case of the TR-3B Black Manta, it refers to a craft that generates plasma using highly compressed mercury powered by nuclear energy. This plasma creates an anti-gravity field around the craft.

Its motive power system is comprised of an electromagnetic coil that generates an electromagnetic drive that interacts quantum mechanically with the Higgs-Boson field. Everything is pretty fascinating! Thus, rather of a conventional turbine or rocket engine, an anti-gravity aircraft is propelled by a propulsion system that generates thrust through the generation of high-energy plasma. These planes are also referred to as ‘flux liners.’

this is not an alien ufo from outer space this is actually a top secret anti gravity plane called tr 3b1

Anti-gravity technology, like a plethora of other various aircraft technologies, had its origins in the late stages and aftermath of World War II, most notably the clandestine US operation known as Operation Paperclip. Program Paperclip’s objective was to give the US as much power as possible over the Soviet Union in the race for military weapons technology, which is why the operation was filled to the rafters with Nazi-affiliated German experts. This indicates that the US has spent more than 70 years studying anti-gravity devices. It is the culmination of theories concerning gravity, quantum gravity, and general relativity, the latter of which was postulated originally by Albert Einstein.

this is not an alien ufo from outer space this is actually a top secret anti gravity plane called tr 3b1 1

Anti-gravity is of tremendous interest to both military and scientific communities since it theoretically allows for the mass of an aircraft to be reduced to zero through the use of electromagnetic propulsion. It’s unsurprising that NASA, the US Air Force, and Lockheed Martin have all conducted theoretical studies into the possibility of altering inert mass. According to analysts, the TR-3B Black Manta would employ conventional thrusters located at the aircraft’s tips to enable it to do a dizzying array of rapid high-speed maneuvers.

Among the characteristics provided are perfect right-angle turns and quick acceleration. And it could do so while maintaining control of all three of its axes.

Bear in mind that the TR-3B was designed as a stealthy subsonic surveillance plane. For starters, other from a slight humming sound, it’s a fairly quiet airplane. The TR-3B’s plasma engine has the unusual property of significantly reducing the aircraft’s radar signature, making it ideal for missions requiring stealth.

As a result, the TR-3B Black Manta may fly into the airspace of practically any country without being detected by its air traffic control or air defense systems. This small black number has been linked to numerous reports of triangular aircraft hovering above Antelope Valley, a prominent desert locale in southern California for UFO believers. Due to its proximity to numerous well-known military research and testing facilities, this desert region of California also attracts those interested in clandestine black projects or “black operations aircraft projects.” These include Edwards Air Force Base and USAF Plant 42, the latter of which is located only 60 miles (97 kilometers) from Los Angeles.

In my opinion, the US Air Force should express gratitude to its fortunate stars for UFO enthusiasts and believers in extraterrestrial spacecraft.

this is not an alien ufo from outer space this is actually a top secret anti gravity plane called tr 3b1 2

After all, as Popular Mechanics observed, a large number of allegations of so-called black triangle UFOs were almost certainly made by secret military aircraft.

Without a doubt, the TR-3B Black Manta would be a regular black operations project for the US Air Force and Navy. The 1950s U2 spy plane, the 1980s SR-71 jet, and today’s F-117A stealth aircraft are just three examples of jets that the US Air Force denied existed for years and were originally secretly manufactured at Nevada’s infamous Area 51 facility.

Let us not forget that the US government recognized Area 51 for the first time in June 2013, following an eight-year-old Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Is it, however, authentic? Naturally, there are accusations that the military developed the TR-3B using reverse-engineered alien technology. Even Forbes magazine suggested in 2021 that the patents given to Salvatore Cezar Pais could be used to conceal extraterrestrial technology acquired by the US military over the years.

What is the status of the TR-3B Black Manta? Is there a method to determine how far back, if at all, it goes? Is this connected to the previously disclosed 2018 patent given to Pais and the US Navy? Is it a plane, a bird, or maybe Superman? No, it is only the US Air Force manipulating our brains over again.