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Former Apollo Astronaut: Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

For decades, many writers and researchers have been inspired by the belief that the human species was created by Ancient Aliens. While orthodox science ignores the old alien theory, several pieces of evidence supporting it have been uncovered all across the world.

The most basic relationship between the birth of civilization and the presence of extraterrestrial aliens may be found in history, as it was documented thousands of years ago in ancient manuscripts and clay tablets.

2 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

The Ancient Sumerian King List, for example, portrays rulers who “descended from heaven” to rule over Earth for a total of 241,200 years, beginning with the first monarchy. Hermann Hilprecht, a German-American scholar, found this amazing inscription on a 4,000-year-old clay tablet at the start of the twentieth century. Hilprecht uncovered at least 18 comparable cuneiform tablets (c. 2017-1794 BCE).

They were not identical, but they shared information considered to have originated from a single Sumerian historical source. More than a dozen copies of the Sumerian King List have been discovered in Babylon, Susa, and Assyria, as well as the Royal Library of Nineveh, dating from the 7th century BC.

Unfortunately, traditional academics have refused to recognize that anything written down on the Sumerian King list is authentic, stating that the list is a mash-up of prehistorical and mythical accounts portraying Gods who reigned over the region for unusually lengthy periods of time.

3 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

While the aforementioned ancient writings are impressive, maybe even more so are the numerous artifacts recovered all around the world depicting beings who are strikingly similar to modern-day astronauts.

While we’re on the subject of astronauts, Al Worden, a former Apollo 15 astronaut, had some fascinating things to say about alien life in an interview with Good Morning Britain. Al Worden was an American astronaut and engineer who served as the Command Module Pilot on the Apollo 15 lunar mission in 1971.

He is one of just 24 people on Earth who has flown to the Moon. During his time alone in the Command Module Endeavour, the former astronaut was named the “Most Isolated Human Being” by the Guinness Book of World Records. He stated that humans are the descendants of ancient aliens.

5 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

When a presenter on the British television show “Good Morning Britain” was asked why so much money is spent on space missions when there are so many problems on Earth, he gave an unexpected answer. He was questioned if he believed in aliens. The remark undoubtedly surprised everyone watching the interview.

Here is the video:

According to the former Apollo 15 member, not only were aliens real, but they had come to Earth in the ancient past and founded our civilisation, and all we had to do to discover proof was look at old Sumerian literature.

“We are aliens, yet we mistake them for someone else.” We, on the other hand, arrived from somewhere else because someone else needed to exist, and they boarded a little spaceship and went here, landing and founding civilisation. Buy some Ancient Sumerian literature and read what they had to say if you don’t trust me. “They’ll tell you right away,” Worden added. He died away on March 18, 2020.

According to his own words, he was a devout follower of the ancient Sumerian writings. They demonstrate that humans and gods formerly coexisted, with people working as slaves to the gods and each Sumerian city guarded by its own deity. The first reference of a Sumerian creation narrative is found on a tablet recovered in Nippur, an ancient Sumerian city in Mesopotamia, in 1893.

According to the cuneiform tablets, in the beginning, Earth was ruled by human-like gods. When they first arrived on Earth, they labored over the earth and extracted the minerals to make it habitable. In addition, the poem hinted at a war between the gods and their slaves.

It is said that before humans, the Anunnaki (a group of ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian gods) used the Igigi (also spelled “Igigu”), the younger generation of Ancient Astronaut Gods, as servants to mine gold on Earth, but that they were later replaced by humans when the Annunaki rebelled. For the ancient Mesopotamians, heaven is divided into three domes.

The stars dwell in heaven’s lowest dome, while the Igigi, or younger gods, lived in the middle dome. The highest and most outermost dome of heaven was personified as a divinity of the sky. Dr. Ellis Silver, author of “Humans Are Not From Earth: A Scientific Review of the Evidence,” agrees with Al Worden and believes that aliens first established life on Earth millions of years ago.

According to him, humans should have been the most powerful race in the universe, but the mortal body failed to live in the Earth’s environment, and it is easily wounded by sunlight, natural disasters, and sicknesses. “Mankind is considered the most evolved species on the world,” he said, “yet it is oddly inappropriate and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: sun-damaged skin, a strong hatred for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more.”

Dr. Ellis concluded that humans did not evolve from that strain of life, but rather evolved elsewhere and were brought to Earth (as fully grown Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.

Do We Have Extraterrestrial Messages Buried in Our DNA?

Many of the unsolved mysteries of our genetic make-up have been linked to the Cosmic Panspermia Theory, a hypothesis first put forth in Greece in the 5th century BC and later revived by Hermann von Helmholtz in the 19th century, which suggests that life has spread throughout the universe via meteorites, space dust, comets, and asteroids.

Numerous experts, including Francis Crick, the inventor of the human DNA double helix form theory, embrace Panspermia’s hypothesis.

According to a pair of researchers, our DNA contains messages, mathematical and symbolic patterns that seem artificial and could be a “alien signature,” which could prove the theory of Earth’s extraterrestrial origins, although this theory is not new. They believe they have found an ancient code that could prove this theory.

They claim that “extraterrestrial scientists” may have visited Earth or transmitted an electromagnetic signal that would have changed our DNA hundreds of millions of years ago.

2 Do We Have Extraterrestrial Messages Buried in Our DNA

It is also possible that extraterrestrials “sowed” Earth with genetic material, and scientists believe they may have “sown” the Earth purposefully, resulting in life.

Symbolic Mathematical Codes.

Scientists Vladimir Shcherbak and Maxim Makukov asserted that extraterrestrials from another solar system produced humans through genetic engineering and uncovered a “intelligent signal” inscribed in our DNA.

DNA looks to be an artificial, mathematically flawless invention, according to Shcherbak and Makukov: “The basic configurations of the code show a collection of architectural and ideographic patterns of symbolic language.” Using decimal notation and accurate and systematic logical transformations are also part of the process.

DNA’s “ideographic patterns” refer to the usage of symbols to represent actual physical objects. Also, in the genetic code, Shcherbak and Makukov discovered a repeating pattern of numerical values based on mathematical proportions and fractions.

According to studies done on the genetic code, which is the unchanging set of rules that translates DNA into proteins, the mysterious number 37 appears at least nine times in its chemical structure, with a probability of 10 trillion to 1 that this repetition occurred naturally and randomly.

3 Do We Have Extraterrestrial Messages Buriedin Our DNA

A non-random structure is instantly apparent in the code. We’re not talking about a bunch of haphazard patterns here. “They have some qualities that are difficult for us to relate to natural processes,”


In reality, the human body contains a number of 37-based mathematical expressions. Every cell in the human body has a molecular nucleus mass of 74, which is twice the mass of a human’s molecular nucleus, making the average body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. There are 37 trillion cells in the human body.

When it comes to DNA and our bodies, there is no greater connection than that of number 37.

A “receiver,” such as a radio or satellite, that absorbs electromagnetic waves is found in the genetic code, according to Shcherbak and Makukov. This would allow humans to communicate with our extraterrestrial founders directly and physically.

Makukov has no idea who decoded the cryptic message. “Maybe they departed a long time ago,” he speculates. It’s possible they’re still out there. It’s something I’d want to think about more in the future. However, according to the coding requirements, we feel our explanation is the most reasonable.”

Other Proofs

Researchers from the University of Chicago in the United States discovered evidence of alien influence in a 2004 investigation.

Human evolution could not have occurred spontaneously since it is slow and unpredictable, and a “unknown event” occurred some 50,000 years ago, which spurred the development of the human brain to its current complexity.

4 Do We Have Extraterrestrial Messages Buriedin Our DNA
50,000-year-old Australian rock paintings depicting the Wandjinas, the “celestial creatures who delivered civilization and wealth to the people,” as seen in the rock art.

FoxP2 evolved, which allowed humuna creatures to construct abstract languages and concepts, resulting in the appearance of the earliest rock art portraying unusual “gods” creators, akin to the alien characters claimed in current near-contacts.

Another major piece of data that should be noted is the Rh factor. Protein found in the membrane of hemoglobin-containing red blood cells is present only in patients with Rh Positive blood factor.

Humans are the only ones on Earth with the Rh Negative blood type, which is contrary to orthodox science’s assumption that this mutation occurred randomly throughout our evolutionary process.

Rh Negative may be proof of an ancient interbreeding between humans and extraterrestrials, according to some experts, who believe it is linked to the myths of “fallen angels” who mated with human women and gave birth to the Nephilins.

All of this evidence points to an alien presence in the distant past, and we will have the technology to read all of these mathematical hints and patterns in our DNA, allowing us to learn more about our ancestry and where we came from.

Scientists may have finally deciphered the ancient wisdom of changing our DNA.

According to one of the key assumptions of the ancient astronaut idea, ancient entities may have tampered with the DNA of humans and other lifeforms.

The DNA double helix design has been found in a number of ancient engravings, prompting researchers to speculate: What if alien aliens aided human evolution? Perhaps they even created hybrids from their own DNA?

2 Scientists May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge Of Changing Our DNA

Another idea holds that ancient cultures were aware of a Third Eye located in the pituitary gland of the brain. The strange creatures that appear to be altering the Tree of Life appear to be tied to the pine cone-shaped gland. Some people believe the tree represents DNA and human vertebrae.

Many unsolved questions remain. What’s the connection between DNA and the Third Eye? Did these prehistoric organisms have a thorough comprehension of how to change the structure of DNA with higher consciousness? That, to be sure, appears absurd. Other scientists, on the other hand, appear to have reached the same conclusion.

Before delving into these latest discoveries, keep in mind that the vast majority of DNA is still unknown. They discovered an entirely new type of twisted DNA dubbed the i-motif, which is a four-stranded knot of genetic code, in 2018.

DNA is a mysterious substance.

3 Scientists May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge Of Changing Our DNA

Simultaneously, researchers released their findings on dark matter’s DNA, which is composed of inexplicable sequences that are almost identical in all vertebrates, including humans, mice, and chickens. Despite the fact that Dark DNA is thought to be crucial to life, scientists have no idea how it works or how it emerged and developed in the ancient past. We have no clue what 98 percent of our DNA does, but we are progressively understanding that it is not “junk.”

Scientists still don’t know much about our genetic DNA, and they’re stumped as to what generates awareness. Several studies have revealed that intracellular, environmental, and energetic variables may all modify DNA at the same time. The study of how variables other than our genetic code change who and what we are is known as epigenetics.

According to some research, our objectives, ideas, and emotions may have an impact on our DNA. Maintaining a positive attitude and correctly handling stress may aid in the preservation of our mental health as well as our genetic DNA.

In contrast, mitochondrial DNA and telomere length were shown to be changed in a study of 11,500 women at high risk of depression in the United Kingdom.

The most noteworthy conclusion, according to Science Alert, was that women who experienced stress-related sorrow or unhappiness as a result of childhood trauma such as sexual assault had more mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) than their peers. Mitochondria are cellular organelles that transfer energy from meals to the rest of the cell, and an increase in mitochondrial DNA led the researchers to believe that their cells’ energy requirements had changed as a result of stress.

These changes in DNA structure appear to hasten the aging process. The researchers revealed that women suffering from stress-related depression had shorter telomeres than healthy women after evaluating their data. Telomeres are the caps at the ends of our chromosomes that typically shorten with age, and the researchers wondered if stress had expedited this process.

Another study showed that meditation and yoga might help with telomere preservation. Some scientists believe that our DNA is ultimately related to our higher spiritual self. According to traditional astronaut ideas, we are now nearing the ancients’ level of intelligence. If this seems strange to you, you may not want to continue reading since things are going to become more stranger.

Is it possible to have ghost DNA?

4 Scientists May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge Of Changing Our DNA

Vladimir Poponin, a Russian quantum physicist, published “The DNA Phantom Effect,” a mind-boggling finding, in 1995. According to that research, a series of investigations revealed that human DNA has a direct impact on the physical world via a new field of energy that connects the two. When photons of light were present in the presence of live DNA, they organized themselves differently, according to the researchers.

The DNA shaped the photons into regular patterns, as though moulded by an invisible power. This is significant since traditional physics does not allow for such a result. However, in this controlled environment, DNA, the substance that makes up us, was observed and proved to have a direct impact on the quantum stuff that makes up our universe.

In another experiment undertaken by the US Army in 1993, DNA samples were tested to determine how they responded to emotions from human donors. While the donors were watching movies in another room, the DNA samples were being examined. To put it another way, no matter how far away the human was from the DNA sample, the individual’s emotions had an effect on the DNA. It appears that quantum entanglement is the case.

When the donor’s cells and DNA went through emotional “peaks” and “dips,” they both had a significant electrical reaction. Despite being separated for hundreds of feet from his own DNA sample, the DNA reacted as if it were still physically attached to the donor’s body. Why, one could ask. What could explain the donor’s and his isolated DNA sample’s unusual synchronization?

Worse, even if a person’s DNA sample was 350 kilometers distant, it still replied at the same time. They appear to be linked by an unnamed field of energy, which has yet to be properly explained.

When the donor experienced an emotional experience, the DNA in the sample responded as though it was still connected to the donor’s body in some manner. “There is no point where one’s body genuinely ends and no point where it begins,” explains Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a colleague of Cleve Backster’s.

A third HeartMath experiment from 1995 suggests that people’s emotions may have the same influence on DNA structure. According to Glen Rein and Rollin McCraty, the DNA of participants changed depending on what they were thinking about.

According to one of the researchers, these studies revealed that different intentions had different effects on the DNA molecule, causing it to wind or unwind. The implications certainly extend beyond what orthodox scientific theory has permitted up to this moment.

These decades-old research demonstrate that we are linked to our DNA and that the vibrations of photons of light that surround us are influenced in some unknown way by our DNA.

5 Scientists May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge Of Changing Our DNA

Many people may find these ideas unusual, yet the truth is frequently stranger than fiction. Likewise, eminent scientists and skeptics have long dismissed the claims of ancient astronaut theories as rubbish. According to Scientific American, the ancient extraterrestrial idea is founded on a logical error known as “argumentum ad ignorantiam,” or “argument from ignorance.”

If there is no appropriate terrestrial explanation for, say, the Peruvian Nazca Lines, Easter Island sculptures, or Egyptian pyramids, then the hypothesis that they were built by space aliens must be correct.

The fact is that we have no understanding how people got to where they are now. We’re all still hunting for answers, but the truth may be even more shocking than we anticipated. We’ll never know until we keep an open mind, which might be the key to unlocking mysteries hidden deep inside DNA’s ancient code.

Did you know that in ancient times, there was a war between the Anunnaki Aliens and the Pleiadians?

It’s amazing how much evidence and artifacts have been destroyed over time in order to obscure humanity’s actual past and preserve the official narrative.

There is a lot of disinformation about our planet’s genuine history, as if someone wanted us to never learn about the wonders of our past at any costs. Our history has always been corrupted by the texts we read in school, but genuine history is written in stone.

2 Did you know that in ancient times there was a war between the Anunnaki Aliens and the Pleiadians

The mythical Sumerian civilisation is the oldest recorded civilization in history. And the Sumerian society revered Anunnaki Gods. The name “Anunnaki” literally means “those who descended from heaven.” The Sumerian civilisation originated in Mesopotamia around 3800 BC.

This area lay between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. This culture was destroyed in 2024 BC, according to ancient chronicles, when winds from the Sinai Peninsula transported a vast and fatal radioactive cloud.

3 Did you know that in ancient times there was a war between the Anunnaki Aliens and the Pleiadians

During those periods, it looks like a huge nuclear war happened. If you watch the following clip carefully, you will discover a boatload of really helpful facts that conventional historians choose to ignore.


Adam’s Calendar: Africa’s 300,000-year-old extraterrestrial base

Adam’s calendar, which is perhaps the oldest man-made monument still in existence, was found by chance in 2003. Johan Heine, a South African pilot, lost control of his aircraft while flying over the Mpumalanga region, a mountainous region in the country’s east.

He crashed into a hillside after being forced to make an unscheduled landing. Heine luckily escaped injury, and while exiting the aircraft, he saw three monoliths ahead of him. These massive boulders, each weighing around 5 metric tons, were protruding from the earth. And next to them stood a colossal stone circle.

This site is exceedingly isolated, with access confined to a few rough, muddy roads. If the pilot had not performed an emergency landing and discovered it, it is quite probable that it would have stayed buried until now.

However, what Heine discovered was really remarkable. The megalithic site was discovered to be a very old stone structure, and it was given the name “Adam’s Calendar” in acknowledgment of its extraordinary antiquity.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base

What the pilot discovered was the world’s oldest man-made building. According to some ideas, it was built 300,000 years ago, considerably earlier than any other indication of human civilisation.

If the monument is indeed that ancient, it rewrites mankind’s history and very probably necessitates the involvement of a sophisticated human civilisation in its creation. Using this as a starting point, some speculate about the involvement of aliens in its creation.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base 1

The item is a stone circle with an outside circumference of about 30 meters. Numerous monoliths are set in a complicated arrangement inside the circle. The site’s general layout seems to have been constructed in accordance with astronomical alignment, thereby making it a calendar.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base 2

Other buildings and stone rings surround this location, which are erected in complimentary alignment and linked by a system of waterways.

According to researchers, these channels are rocky roads that lead to the Adam’s Calendar. These canals link not only the Adamic Calendar to the surrounding terrain, but also to several other ruins and artifacts.

Two vertical stones with engravings are located in the circle’s center. As with the majority of other construction materials, these stones seem to have been transported from abroad. The monument’s original shape may still be seen in aerial images, however it is not immediately evident at ground level.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base 3

The employment of these materials, together with the apparent necessity to observe the facility from the air, indicates that no people were involved in its construction. However, if humans were not involved in the creation of this artefact, which was formed long before the dawn of civilization, how could aliens build it here?

One perhaps significant feature is that the region around Adam’s Calendar is highly resource-dense. Numerous rock mines dot the countryside, and the world’s wealthiest mine, the Sheba Gold Mine, is still located in Mpumalanga. Perhaps they were priceless assets for whomever devised the calendar.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base 4

This calendar is still very useful today, since it enables people to keep track of the time of day and year by seeing the shadow of the setting sun. The higher monolith casts the sun’s shadow across the middle of the flat rock next to it.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base 5

Johann Heine’s inadvertent finding sparked little attention in the archaeological community. Between the discovery and the initiation of archaeological study at the site in 2009, it took another six years.

Heine had already conducted his own investigation on the place at that point. His first investigation revealed that the stones were arranged in four cardinal directions, according to the solstices and equinoxes, similar to Stone Henge.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base 7

Scientists assessed the age of this artefact using geological research, rock erosion processes, and the development of lichens surrounding the rocks. Initial estimations from some sources indicate that this calendar might be 75,000, 200,000, or even 300,000 years old.

Additionally, research has determined the sound frequencies transmitted by rock formations to the Earth underneath them. As technology advances, scientists have made significant strides in detecting and quantifying sound frequencies and their associated acoustic characteristics.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base 8

These frequencies have been tracked all the way down to the earth underneath the stone circle. This resulted in the astonishing idea that these stones also carry electricity, although in an unknown manner.

The earth’s sound frequencies resonate inside these stones, forming resonant floral forms that resemble holy geometry in the landscape. According to author Michael Tellinger, this site has the world’s oldest man-made edifice, allegedly built by a long-forgotten culture.

Adams Calendar Africas 300000 year old extraterrestrial base 9

This would seem to be of interest to contemporary science, but this could only happen if science remained a science, rather than a collection of individuals trying to uphold the “doctrine and evident knowledge” that society has erroneously established and propagated.

As a result, science did not begin studying anything, but rather revealed (with hoopla) the existence of these old constructions — cow pens! And science is unconcerned that they were formed at a time when there were no structured human groups, despite science’s guarantees, and is unconcerned that the structure itself is much too intricate for a basic corral. Science declared – paddock, followed by – paddock.

The public still has a great deal to learn about the Adam Calendar. With this in mind, historians, scholars, and true scientists continue their attempts to unearth the place’s most profound mysteries.

If this is a cattle corral, then why is it so difficult to construct? If this is an old calendar, who constructed it just 15,000 years after the discovery of Homo Sapiens?

Serious study is presently being conducted to ascertain the civilisation that constructed it. Following that, experts will be able to continue investigating how this culture lived and thrived in this location thousands of years ago.

However, I believe that even if evidence is uncovered that this “calendar” was constructed by aliens or a highly sophisticated pra-civilization (human), the public is unlikely to be aware of it…

Sumerian Planisphere: The 5500-Year-Old Map’s Mysteries

The biblical account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah 5,000 years ago was unexpectedly validated by an ancient Sumerian clay tablet called the Sumerian planisphere.

According to a study conducted by two scientists over the course of eight years, the tablet, which has confounded scientists for 150 years, is actually a description of an actual eyewitness to the fall of an ancient asteroid that destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, killing thousands of people and wreaking havoc on an area larger than 600,000 square kilometers.

The event has been dubbed the Kofels Impact Event by scientists, and they believe it will have severe disastrous implications. The impact alone is equivalent to a TNT explosion weighing over 1000 tons.

The Old Testament story of Sodom and Gomorrah describes how the inhabitants of these cities engaged in debauchery offended Abraham, who personally chose to live elsewhere but pleaded with two angels who had come to warn of the cities’ impending destruction – to spare them for the sake of his nephew Lot, who, despite Abraham’s departure, chose to live in Sodom.

Lot and his family were eventually saved before the towns were destroyed, but Lot’s wife, after being told not to, turned into a pillar of salt as she gazed back at the blazing fire in their stead.

Salt conversion, scientists say, is a plausible depiction of what can happen to someone who comes too close to the extreme heat of a nuclear explosion.

Two historians, Alan Bond and Mark Hempsell, discovered a Sumerian astrologer’s description of the events of June 29, 3123 BC. immediately before dawn on a tablet recovered by Victorian archaeologist Henry Layard in the ruins of a royal palace in Nineveh.

They were able to recreate the night sky thousands of years ago using computers, allowing them to identify the eyewitness account on the plaque. According to Bond and Hempsell, this Sumerian tablet is a duplicate of a much older tablet created in 700 BC.

The first half of the table depicts the planets and clouds, while the second half depicts the movement of an item resembling a “stone bowl” traveling at fast speed across the sky.

According to astronomers, this rapidly moving object is the remnant of an asteroid that orbited the Sun rather near to the Earth. Its journey may bring it into contact with the valley where the biblical cities were located.

“He came at a very low angle – approximately six degrees – and then sliced off a mountain called Gaskogel about 11 kilometers from Kefels,” Hempsell explains. Hempsell continued by describing how the item detonated as it descended the valley, resulting in an event of biblical proportions.


Bond and Hempsell do assert that the explosion produced a massive mushroom cloud and that the surrounding air was densely packed with dust for hundreds of kilometers. This is referred to as the “Kefels incident” in science.

However, geologists estimate that the Kefels catastrophe occurred approximately nine thousand years ago, significantly earlier than the Sumerian record’s date of 3123 BC. Bond and Hempsell believe that the dating inaccuracy was caused by contaminated materials used in a previous examination.

Other researchers take a contrary position, claiming that Bond and Hempsell’s claims are self-contradictory. According to John Taylor, a retired archaeologist from the British Museum, there is no proof that the ancient Sumerians were capable of accurately describing such astronomical events.

However, scientists generally deny anything that contradicts their invented “true picture of human history,” and there is no doubt that when it comes to recognizing the true progress of the ancients, they immediately begin refuting any evidence that mankind’s history and level of development prior to civilization were much higher than they desired.


Ancient Alien Astronauts May Have Arrived On Earth In A Spaceship Using This 3000-Year-Old Artifact.

It’s safe to say that the most famous 3000-year-old spaceship-looking item that proves the ancient aliens’ existence on Earth is the 1973 discovery in Turkey of a spaceship-looking artefact. Zecharia Sitchin found the object.

Rather of being an old-fashioned stone statue, his stone likeness is a futuristic take on a contemporary rocket powered by scientists and a human in a spacesuit. Evidence that extraterrestrials may have visited Earth in the past may finally have been found with this new discovery.

2 19

According to Sitchin, copper from Mesopotamia or Cyprus was recently unearthed near Van Lake in Tushpa, modern-day Toprakkale. In the ninth century BC, Tushpa was the capital of Urartu. On the Armenian highlands around Van Lake, the Urartian kingdom was established. In Assyrian literature, Urartu makes its first appearance as a written name.

There were various reasons why Urartuans, who spoke an unidentified language related to Hurric, chose Assyrian cuneiform as their writing system. Incredibly, some scientists believe the stone relic is more than 3,000 years old. It is kept at Istanbul’s Archaeology Museum, which is closed to the public.

3 16

Sitchin claims that the rock item is a carved scale model of a spaceship, according to his book “The Earth Chronicles Expeditions.” 24cm in length, 9cm in height, and 8cm in width. In addition, he said that the monster’s rear will be equipped with a big exhaust engine flanked by four smaller exhaust engines. The head of the pilot of the rocket spacecraft was nowhere to be found.

In the spaceship-like rock sculpture, the existence of a pilot’s cabin shows that Earth had previously been visited by astronauts. He is reportedly seated in the capsule with his legs crossed, according to the latest reports. A skin-tight pressure suit has entrapped him.

The ancients were masters of space exploration. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the old nuclear war theory of flying machines from a long time ago. That our ancestors could travel through space and learn more about the cosmos than we do is widely accepted. Kazim Finjan, the Iraqi Transport Minister at the time, made an astonishing remark in the Dhi Qar newspaper in 2016. Claimed Sumerians had a spaceport and ventured outside the solar system.

4 12

A three-stage space rocket is depicted in a Sibiu manuscript that was unearthed in 1961, detailing the fundamentals of rocketry. Instructions for making liquid rocket fuel from fuel mixes are also included. Conrad Haas is listed as the author of the book, but many feel it was based on earlier works.

Ancient Mesoamerican gods were puzzled for decades about their aircraft’s power source, but fresh archaeological evidence has put light on the topic. Liquid mercury was discovered near the Teotihuacan Pyramid in Mexico in 2015.