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The Roswell Rock: An Extraterrestrial Message Or An Alien Key?

An intriguing item unearthed near one of the Roswell crash sites is reported to have unusual qualities. Is it a message or a key from another planet?

Robert L. Ridge, the 56-year-old proprietor of a body business in Roswell, New Mexico, started bow hunting in 2004. He had no idea he’d come across a bizarre relic that has since been called the Roswell Rock.

Robert saw a tiny boulder coated in soil while surveying a remote location for prospective food on September 4. Bob thought he’d uncovered something remarkable when he cleaned it and observed the unusual markings engraved on its surface. The designs were very similar to those seen in crop circles: two crescent moons connected at the corners.

Mr. Ridge said that the rock was so precisely machined that it could only have been created by intelligent and advanced creatures.

Because of its closeness to one of the two Roswell crash sites, the rock quickly became the focus of intense debates over its possible extraterrestrial origin. The unusual device has been inspected by several UFO experts, and it was even included in an episode of G. Tsoukalos’ Ancient Aliens. The Roswell Rock was subjected to a battery of tests that were unable to identify whether its origins were extraterrestrial or terrestrial.

2 The Roswell Rock An Extraterrestrial Message Or An Alien Key

The fact that the rock was discovered near the site where a flying saucer crashed (or was shot down) in 1947 might signify one of two things. It was either onboard the UFO and went unnoticed for 57 years until Robert nearly walked on it, or it was placed afterwards by a different extraterrestrial crew. If this is the case, it might imply that humans aren’t that unlike, and the Roswell Rock could act as a sort of memorial for their lost brethren.

There has been a lot of speculation about the chocolate-colored rock, with one of the most prevalent theories being that it is an extraterrestrial communication.

When we examine the carvings, we see a crescent with a smaller circle beneath it. This picture is mirrored, and they are both ringed and overlapped by a wider circle with diamond-like incisions in it.

Some speculate that the wider circle depicts an asteroid that will pass between the Moon and Earth, and that the aliens intended to leave behind a cryptic warning designed to rescue anyone was clever enough to comprehend the message.

Other conspiracy theorists claim that the outer circle is the Sun and the smaller circle including the Earth and the Moon is the planet Nibiru and that the rock signals huge changes are coming us.

According to another notion, the mirrored pictures might indicate the presence of a parallel universe that can be visited via a portal. In this situation, the rock may provide us with information regarding the presence of an unopened wormhole on Earth.

Even if we disregard these interpretations, the rock would remain enigmatic due to its strange magnetic properties.

Just have a look at the following video:

The fact that the identical markings emerged in a field near Chiseldon, U.K., 4,000 miles away from Roswell, in 1996, does little to assist answer the enigma of the rock.

On a conspiracy site, a lady claiming to be the daughter of a retired NORAD engineer stated that the first time she saw this rock, it aroused a profound emotional response in her and immediately reminded her of an occurrence when she was 7 years old:

"I went to a NORAD instillation with my father and his pals when I was quite little." My father and his associates were conducting experiments with unusually folded metal triangles as well as long rods or struts. I didn't see the exams; all I remember is them talking about them and how difficult it was to grasp this stuff."

"These items could be readily twisted and folded, yet they would revert to their original shape thereafter." They were perplexed as to why these items couldn't be cut, crushed, or melted using welding torches. If I recall properly, one metal triangle had a dip just off center that looked not just like this rock but may perhaps be a home for that sort of stone. […] This form of stone, as well as other types of items, were, as far as I recall, akin to keys, or so I heard them called..."

Is there any possibility we’ll ever locate the doorway it unlocks if this is a key?

Secrets of UFOs on Mars, real-life shooting, scientists baffled

Mars is the subject of several studies, and scientists have repeatedly sent probes and stations there, but it turns out that the red planet is studied by people from other planets as well. Evidence of the presence of UFOs on Mars is increasingly surfacing on the Internet.

Real-life shooting of a UFO in the skies of Mars

Researchers and laypeople who have studied photographs received by space orbital and planetary stations think the images depict UFOs on Mars and are actual shots of things from extraterrestrial civilizations. The instruments on Mars deliver intriguing visuals in addition to data. Many people believe that these mysterious objects are proof of the presence of UFOs on Mars.

The rovers broadcast a large number of frames that NASA is unable to properly explain. Some images clearly depict enigmatic things that resemble balls and other geometric forms in shape.

2 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Several unexplained objects may be seen in one of the photographs transmitted by the Curiosity rover. The items were captured during a dust storm that covered the surface of Mars from sunlight for 14 days. These are bigger than grains of sand since they can be seen from a distance of more than one kilometer.

3 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

In addition, the Curiosity camera captured the following frame, which clearly shows how a UFO lifts flight from Mars. We arrived at this conclusion after noticing a trail that is pointing upwards. This demonstrates that the spacecraft is in the process of taking off rather than landing.

4 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

And here’s another image of Mars with mysterious objects. He drew the attention of aficionados of unexplained flying objects (UFOs), in which a UFO lifts off from the surface of Mars into space. Because the objects have the same form and size, they can’t be grains of sand trapped in the frame of the rover’s camera.

5 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

For 10 minutes, the Curiosity Rover at Mount Sharp observed a cylindrical UFO flying across the lens. The photos were taken on April 28, 2014. A careful examination of the photographs by ufologists demonstrates that the Curiosity research rover has captured with its cameras multiple times how a UFO lifts flight from Mars.

The Spirit rover also delivered a slew of enigmatic frames. NASA does not want to investigate the landscapes in further depth due to a lack of time and so ignores some aspects.

6 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Here’s a frame from the Spirit research device, which allegedly recorded the flight of an unidentified object.

7 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

The picture below, sent by the Curiosity rover, also depicts a weird flying object. Scott Waring, a researcher, rejects the theory that the black disk in the photo represents a blemish on the lens of the study apparatus’s panoramic camera lens.

Secrets of UFOs on Mars, real-life shooting, scientists baffled

This incredible shot of an unidentified flying object in the sky of Mars indicates a real object since the sunlight is more prominent at the top than at the bottom. It can’t be anything else because the UFO is only visible in this frame.

UFOs allegedly crashed on the surface of Mars

In their frames, research gear caught not only flying objects, but also intriguing photographs from the planet’s surface depicting UFO wreckage.

8 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Ufologists claim to have discovered the wreckage of a UFO on Mars, based on this image. They assume it was an extraterrestrial mothership since it was more than a mile long. The strange item has an odd elongated form with curled ends. This photograph provides undeniable confirmation of the encounter, and maybe the presence of aliens on Mars.

9 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Another enigma captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is this frame. Scientists found the existence of UFOs on the surface of Mars after studying this image. Since there is an unknown item that landed on the planet’s surface and produced a massive crater. It is also evident that the spacecraft is in the shape of a disk.

10 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

A mystery UFO flying saucer was discovered half-buried in the earth in the Candor Chasma region. The trench shows that the disk was flying low above the surface when it collided with the Martian soil and came to a rest, half-buried in the ground.

11 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

This image does not depict a UFO on Mars, where a trace of its impact with the planet may be seen after the crash. Scott Waring, a virtual scientist, says that the acquired trace cannot represent a native Martian structure.

12 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

A weird item is plainly seen in this shot, which was given by Curiosity, and its form resembles flying saucers to earthlings.

Scientists who discovered a UFO on Mars’ surface believe that an alien ship that crashed many years ago is visible here. However, there is another point of view. Despite the image’s sharpness and the fact that it plainly displays a disk, the researchers argue that the study instrument just recorded the rock of Mars in this case.

13 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

This image also shows an extraterrestrial ship on the surface of the scorching planet. The photograph indicates the item has a metallic shine that contrasts sharply with the surrounding Martian dirt and surroundings. A spherical geometric pattern with sharp edges is adequate evidence that this is a man-made artefact. The crashed UFO is believed to be 200-300 meters in diameter.

14 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Traces of UFOs on Mars were also obtained by another NASA-launched probe named Mars Odyssey. In form, this figure resembles a helicopter propeller. According to virtual archaeologists, the image depicts an extraterrestrial ship on Mars. According to them, the UFO made an emergency landing on the planet and collided with a rock.

15 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

This image also shows the crash of UFOs that occurred on Mars. This photograph was captured in the Aram Chaos area of Mars. UFO crash relics have a particular form that distinguishes them from the rest of the planet’s natural topography. This UFO has the appearance of a domed flying saucer with an upper deck.

Look at UFO-Mars.

Every day, virtual archaeologists examine photographs delivered to Earth by Mars research spacecraft in the hope of uncovering something strange. The world is learning about the presence of aliens on Mars thanks to the efforts of such scholars.

The article discusses the most intriguing incidents in which UFOs have been detected by ufologists. The information supplied by them demonstrates that Mars is worth investigating not only for Earthlings but also for other civilizations. The discovery of UFO wreckage proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mars has been visited on several occasions by spacecraft carrying intelligent humans.

All of this is true, but only if the photographs from Mars are not a hoax. On the Internet, there is a plethora of data to support this claim. This is not a topic that will be covered in this essay. Follow the links to the articles below to find out more; the facts will astound you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well.

An extraterrestrial subterranean race. UFOs can enter the Earth from within.

In 1946, scholars began discussing an unknown subterranean population for the first time. This occurred when writer, journalist, and scientist Richard Shaver informed readers of the American paranormal magazine Amazing Stories about his encounter with subsurface aliens.

According to Shaver, he spent many weeks in the underground realm of mutants, which resembled the demons depicted in old stories and earthling tales. Almost every nation, by the way, has mythology about a race of ancient people that inhabited the planet Earth millions of years before man laid foot on it. They are infinitely knowledgeable, brilliant, and culturally evolved, yet they do not wish to interact with people.

It would be possible to dismiss this “contact” as the author’s exuberant fantasy, if not for hundreds of responses from readers claiming that they, too, had visited underground cities, communicated with their inhabitants, and witnessed various technological marvels, not only providing underground inhabitants of the Earth with a comfortable existence in its very depths, but also giving the opportunity… control the consciousness of earthlings!

1 An extraterrestrial subterranean race UFOs can enter the Earth from within

Surprisingly, this remarkable account made a great impression on scientists and brought a fresh push to the study of the paranormal. However, the English astronomer of the XVII century Edmund Halley, novelists Jules Verne in the novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” Edgar Poe in “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym,” and others asserted in their writings that the Earth is an empty globe.

Furthermore, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the United States of America contemplated preparing a special scientific expedition to establish that our world is a hollow ball with easy access to its depths through holes in the earth’s crust. However, as time passed, it became clear that going underground was not that simple. The “Kola Superdeep Borehole” is located on Russia’s Kola Peninsula in Murmansk and is the deepest well to date. In 1970, it was drilled for scientific objectives.

Five years later, the Kola Superdeep Borehole had reached a depth of 7 km (about 23,000 ft). Work on the project proceeded until 1989, when the drill became trapped in the rock at a depth of little over 12 kilometers (almost 40,000 feet or 8 miles). This is the most recent record of human depth.

1 An extraterrestrial subterranean race UFOs can enter the Earth from within 1

As a result, the Earth’s shell is considerably greater than scientists can excavate.

The intriguing environment of the dungeon piqued the curiosity of Third Reich scientists as well. For example, with the cooperation of Goering and Himmler, an expedition comprised of the most accomplished brains of National Socialist Germany traveled in pursuit of a subterranean civilisation in complete secrecy in 1942.

It was supposed that the “home” of antiquity’s super-developed peoples would be found on the Baltic Sea island of Rugen. The expedition had additional objectives. German scientists anticipated that if they could deploy fundamentally new radar equipment underground, they would be extremely close to achieving world dominance.

Two American miners, David Fellin and Henry Thorne, were constructing a tunnel in 1963 when they noticed a massive door behind which marble stairs dropped.

This narrative takes us to August 13, 1963, in Shepton, Pennsylvania, in the anthracite coal area of Schuylkill County, when the legendary catastrophe and rescue at the Sheptonmine occurred. A mining shaft collapsed, trapping three miners 330 feet down.

On Tuesday, August 27, about two weeks later, two of the miners, Henry Throne and David Fellin, were safely brought to the surface after rescuers successfully drilled a 17 1/2-inch and then a 28-inch hole in their chamber, while the third miner, Lou Bova, who was trapped in another part of the mine, unfortunately died.

The story of Throne and Fellin’s survival and rescue was enough to draw the attention of the entire world, but it was what they claimed to have seen and heard while in the mine (in addition to marble stairs, they saw humanoid figures and other interesting things) that drew public attention, statements that both men swore to be authentic, both individually and publicly, decisive statements that they took to the grave, despite the fact that others believed that th

On August 29, 1963, the Philadelphia Inquirer published David Felin’s “affidavit,” in which he stated:

They're now claiming that it was all hallucinations and that we made it all up. That is not the case. Our imaginations were not deceiving us. I've always been a realistic, hard-headed miner. My mind was clear when I returned to the mine. It is still obvious.

Fellin went on to say that some of what he and Throne observed could not be explained in words, while on the other side, he stated:

We spotted this door on the fourth or fifth day, despite the fact that there was no light from above or from our helmets. The door was illuminated by a brilliant blue light. It was very clear, much better than sunshine. The door was opened by two ordinary-looking males who were not miners. On the opposite side, we noticed lovely marble steps. We observed it for a while, then it disappeared... We've seen a lot of strange occurrences that we can't explain. But I'm not going to tell you about them since I'm still processing everything.

The findings of anthropologist James McCann, who explored a cave in Idaho that is well-known among the local people, is also intriguing. After many hundred meters of careful moving through a vast stone passage, McCann and his comrades heard shouts and groans, and soon awful findings in the form of human bones loomed before them. Unfortunately, further research of the cave, which was thought to be the gateway to the underworld in these sections, had to be halted since the sulfur stench was absolutely intolerable. In terms of scientific opinion, geologists do not agree with the hypothesis of the Earth’s omnipresent hollow, however they do not rule out the possibility of massive gaps in its bowels.

People are unlikely to be able to live there since our planet contains not only a pretty high temperature, but also very little oxygen, as well as other gases that are incompatible with human existence. All of this spurred intrepid scholars to concoct a novel theory: might a subterranean society be of alien origin? And why shouldn’t they? Perhaps alien entities, bored of mankind’s incessant wars and conflict, relocated below, from which they continue to observe our progress…

And it is from underground, not from other galaxies, that they appear in the skies in flying saucers, come into touch with humanity, and do horrific experiments on them. But a logical dilemma emerges here: if our Earth is still empty on the inside, why hasn’t the entry to the underworld been located yet?

Everything is extremely straightforward. In every manner conceivable, our science obstructs alternative research. Needless to say, excavations are not permitted even in the desert, but if old maps are to be believed, Africa once had a vibrant city and a lot of vegetation. Many dwellings across the world are buried to a depth of less than one meter, which cannot be justified just by the cultural layer. Why do we base everything on basic species judgements – that’s where gases and you can’t survive. In practice, we know little about the Earth’s internal structure. Some hypotheses and circumstantial evidence

1 An extraterrestrial subterranean race UFOs can enter the Earth from within 2

At the same moment, the observations of eyewitnesses from all around the world demonstrate. UFOs are frequently spotted around volcano vents and mountains. Don’t forget about the plethora of unexplained undersea things. Should I remind you how much of the ocean has already been explored? Not more than 7%!!!!! As a result, claiming that scientists have complete understanding of the Earth and that there are no entrances or underground civilizations is ridiculous. This is a desire to conceal rather than learn. I hope that the spirit of the researcher lives on in you, my readers, and that we will be able to discover answers to our problems together.

Former Apollo Astronaut: Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

For decades, many writers and researchers have been inspired by the belief that the human species was created by Ancient Aliens. While orthodox science ignores the old alien theory, several pieces of evidence supporting it have been uncovered all across the world.

The most basic relationship between the birth of civilization and the presence of extraterrestrial aliens may be found in history, as it was documented thousands of years ago in ancient manuscripts and clay tablets.

2 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

The Ancient Sumerian King List, for example, portrays rulers who “descended from heaven” to rule over Earth for a total of 241,200 years, beginning with the first monarchy. Hermann Hilprecht, a German-American scholar, found this amazing inscription on a 4,000-year-old clay tablet at the start of the twentieth century. Hilprecht uncovered at least 18 comparable cuneiform tablets (c. 2017-1794 BCE).

They were not identical, but they shared information considered to have originated from a single Sumerian historical source. More than a dozen copies of the Sumerian King List have been discovered in Babylon, Susa, and Assyria, as well as the Royal Library of Nineveh, dating from the 7th century BC.

Unfortunately, traditional academics have refused to recognize that anything written down on the Sumerian King list is authentic, stating that the list is a mash-up of prehistorical and mythical accounts portraying Gods who reigned over the region for unusually lengthy periods of time.

3 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

While the aforementioned ancient writings are impressive, maybe even more so are the numerous artifacts recovered all around the world depicting beings who are strikingly similar to modern-day astronauts.

While we’re on the subject of astronauts, Al Worden, a former Apollo 15 astronaut, had some fascinating things to say about alien life in an interview with Good Morning Britain. Al Worden was an American astronaut and engineer who served as the Command Module Pilot on the Apollo 15 lunar mission in 1971.

He is one of just 24 people on Earth who has flown to the Moon. During his time alone in the Command Module Endeavour, the former astronaut was named the “Most Isolated Human Being” by the Guinness Book of World Records. He stated that humans are the descendants of ancient aliens.

5 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

When a presenter on the British television show “Good Morning Britain” was asked why so much money is spent on space missions when there are so many problems on Earth, he gave an unexpected answer. He was questioned if he believed in aliens. The remark undoubtedly surprised everyone watching the interview.

Here is the video:

According to the former Apollo 15 member, not only were aliens real, but they had come to Earth in the ancient past and founded our civilisation, and all we had to do to discover proof was look at old Sumerian literature.

“We are aliens, yet we mistake them for someone else.” We, on the other hand, arrived from somewhere else because someone else needed to exist, and they boarded a little spaceship and went here, landing and founding civilisation. Buy some Ancient Sumerian literature and read what they had to say if you don’t trust me. “They’ll tell you right away,” Worden added. He died away on March 18, 2020.

According to his own words, he was a devout follower of the ancient Sumerian writings. They demonstrate that humans and gods formerly coexisted, with people working as slaves to the gods and each Sumerian city guarded by its own deity. The first reference of a Sumerian creation narrative is found on a tablet recovered in Nippur, an ancient Sumerian city in Mesopotamia, in 1893.

According to the cuneiform tablets, in the beginning, Earth was ruled by human-like gods. When they first arrived on Earth, they labored over the earth and extracted the minerals to make it habitable. In addition, the poem hinted at a war between the gods and their slaves.

It is said that before humans, the Anunnaki (a group of ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian gods) used the Igigi (also spelled “Igigu”), the younger generation of Ancient Astronaut Gods, as servants to mine gold on Earth, but that they were later replaced by humans when the Annunaki rebelled. For the ancient Mesopotamians, heaven is divided into three domes.

The stars dwell in heaven’s lowest dome, while the Igigi, or younger gods, lived in the middle dome. The highest and most outermost dome of heaven was personified as a divinity of the sky. Dr. Ellis Silver, author of “Humans Are Not From Earth: A Scientific Review of the Evidence,” agrees with Al Worden and believes that aliens first established life on Earth millions of years ago.

According to him, humans should have been the most powerful race in the universe, but the mortal body failed to live in the Earth’s environment, and it is easily wounded by sunlight, natural disasters, and sicknesses. “Mankind is considered the most evolved species on the world,” he said, “yet it is oddly inappropriate and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: sun-damaged skin, a strong hatred for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more.”

Dr. Ellis concluded that humans did not evolve from that strain of life, but rather evolved elsewhere and were brought to Earth (as fully grown Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.

The Old Testament Book of Enoch Was Prohibited in the Bible — It Containing Fallen Angels, Giants, and a Warning to Humanity

The book of Enoch is only one of many biblical books that have been prohibited and labeled fraudulent; this is true for many bible books since they are difficult to read, include numerous errors, and are just erroneous.

2 The Old Testament Book of Enoch Was Prohibited in the Bible It Containing Fallen Angels Giants and a Warning to Humanity

However, the book of Enoch is an exception; there are few to no errors, the language and syntax used are identical to the Bible, it discusses Angels and Guardians and the end of the world in the same way as the Bible, so why was it forbidden among the others?

Enoch is said to be Noah’s grandpa, a pivotal figure in the Bible who maintained constant touch with God. That also applies to Enoch, however in his work he discusses more evil topics.

3 The Old Testament Book of Enoch Was Prohibited in the Bible It Containing Fallen Angels Giants and a Warning to Humanity

Fallen angels are referenced frequently in the book, angels that came to Earth and did the prohibited, slept with human women, giving life to evil giants, yes giants, giants are also a prominent hypothesis in the Book of Enoch that is never addressed in the Bible. It also mentions the end of the world?

Here’s the video:

UFO Encounter Described in Egyptian Papyrus

From cave art to the Bible, ancient accounts and images of “flying boats” may be found all throughout the world.

Others were pointed or triangular, some were round or spherical, some were red and appeared like fire circles, while others were yellow and spat fire.

Most traditional scientists are suspicious of these accounts and depictions, seeing the early occupants of Earth as unsophisticated humans who reported observations of natural occurrences with extreme zeal or referring to these events as mass hysteria.

However, the ancient Egyptians are recognized for their excellent knowledge and methods, particularly their mastery of astronomy, which was much superior to that of any other culture during that time period.

The Tulli Papyrus, an ancient manuscript that tells about enormous flying vehicles spewing fire that roamed the Egyptian sky before disappearing into space, is an intriguing piece of evidence of ufo contacts in the past.

The document was discovered in an antique store in Cairo, Egypt, in 1933 by Alberto Tulli, Director of the Vatican Museum’s Egyptian Section, from whom the papyrus got its name.

Many experts dispute the validity and significance of this text, which would alter our existing understanding of history or, at the at least, add an amazing truth concerning supernatural beings or extraterrestrials.

The Tulli Papyrus incident was observed by Egyptian pharaoh Tutmés III, who lived during the 18th Dynasty, and he subsequently instructed his scribes to write about it so that he would be “remembered forever.”

2 UFO Encounter Described in Egyptian Papyrus
Decoration of the tomb of Tunts III.

The bizarre episode occurred about 1480 BC, and it was observed by the whole Egyptian army, in addition to Pharaoh.

The following is the translation of the enigmatic papyrus:

"In the year 22, in the third month of winter, at the sixth hour of the day, the scribes of the House of Life observed a circle of fire emanating from heaven." He exhaled a horrible odor from his mouth. I was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening His physique was both long and broad. I was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening He approached His Majesty's residence. The writers' hearts grew confused as a result, and they threw themselves face down. As a result, they informed Pharaoh. His Majesty directed that the scrolls of the House of Life be examined and that he reflect on what was going on."

Some of the papyrus has been destroyed by time, and some have been misconstrued, but the majority of the writing is accurate enough for us to grasp what transpired on that wondrous day.

The following is the rest of the text:

"Now, after a few days, these things have grown in number in heaven." Its beauty surpassed that of the sun and stretched to the four corners of the sky. The point from where these rings of fire came and vanished was high and broad in the sky. Pharaoh's troops stood guard, His Majesty in the center. It was right after dinner. Then these fire rings ascended higher in the sky and proceeded south. Fish and birds plummeted from the sky. A marvel not seen since his homeland's inception. And Pharaoh brought incense to make peace with the earth, and it was commanded that what transpired be inscribed on the scrolls of the House of Life so that it would be remembered forever."

If this document is real, it reveals a highly crucial period in human history, when UFOs were witnessed by hundreds of individuals in ancient Egypt, including their king.

Despite the fact that the book makes no mention of a landing or physical touch with the weird flying object or creatures, it recounts a one-of-a-kind experience that strangely ended when fish and birds dropped from the sky as the things fled.

The ancient Egyptians most likely considered this as a heavenly marvel, a symbol of enormous significance as well as great power over life and death.

The Tulli Papyrus’ Unknown Fate

3 UFO Encounter Described in Egyptian Papyrus
Copy of The Tulli Papyrus.

Unfortunately, the genuine Tulli Papyrus has been lost or purposely buried, leaving only replicas.

When scholar Samuel Rosenberg requested access to the original Vatican document, he was given the following response:

"The Vatican Museum does not hold Papyrus Tulli." It's now dispersed and untraceable."

Some of the most significant papers in human history are said to be housed in the Vatican. If such is the true, it is logical that they have opted not to release this vital papyrus.

Other attempts to research The Tulli Papyrus were unsuccessful. A request was also submitted to Dr. Walter Ramberg, a physicist working for the US embassy in Rome, who responded:

"Dr. Nolli, the current Director of the Vatican Museum's Egyptian Section, stated that Professor Tulli had bequeathed all of his goods to a brother who was a priest at the Lateran Palace." The renowned papyrus was most likely given to this priest."

Unfortunately, the priest also died, and his things were split among his heirs, who may have rejected the papyrus as of little worth, unaware of its historical significance.

It is improbable that the Vatican would let a document of such value slip through its fingers, but if it did, we can only expect someone to come into it at an antique store, like Alberto Tulli did.

Is this Ancient Egyptian Papyrus evidence of Aliens landing on The Sphinx?

0 Is This Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Evidence Of Aliens Landing On The

Many believe that the Egyptian God Ra swooped down from the heavens, settling in Egypt and building a strong society. This is a well-known myth, but is it true?

Warne Herschel, a South African author, has just proposed a fresh explanation for the star deity. His findings are based on a 3,000-year-old scene from the Djed Khonsu If Ankh burial papyrus, which is on exhibit at the Cairo Museum. According to the accounts, Ra’s ship does not resemble a typical boat but rather resembles a flying disc that emits blinding light. Herschel, like numerous other controversial authors, believes this is a UFO.

According to Herschel, the papyrus depicts not only the disk, but also the constellation nearest to the individual star of Ra, as well as other lost symbols. Additionally, he notes that the disc fell atop Egypt’s Sphinx.

“It is a disc with a dome that emits a dazzling colored light… and it is balanced on three legs in the manner of a tripod. It’s unsurprising that the rear of the Sphinx was flat. Wayne Herschel asserts that there is also a tomb depicting the Sphinx with a lion’s head, something that historians and authors have utterly overlooked. There are traces of what looks to be an arched entryway that has been filled in over thousands of years, and it is visible behind the Sphinx’s head!”

For years, the real meaning of the papyrus has been a source of contention, but it remains a mystery.

“Virtually all ancient civilizations were preoccupied with the origins of star gods,” Herschel writes. “Many went on to construct gigantic monuments marking the positions of the stars on the ground, practically all of them choosing the same ‘x’ that designates the site as their ultimate monument inside the precise star pattern.”

What are your thoughts about Herschel’s assertion?


Do We Have Extraterrestrial Messages Buried in Our DNA?

Many of the unsolved mysteries of our genetic make-up have been linked to the Cosmic Panspermia Theory, a hypothesis first put forth in Greece in the 5th century BC and later revived by Hermann von Helmholtz in the 19th century, which suggests that life has spread throughout the universe via meteorites, space dust, comets, and asteroids.

Numerous experts, including Francis Crick, the inventor of the human DNA double helix form theory, embrace Panspermia’s hypothesis.

According to a pair of researchers, our DNA contains messages, mathematical and symbolic patterns that seem artificial and could be a “alien signature,” which could prove the theory of Earth’s extraterrestrial origins, although this theory is not new. They believe they have found an ancient code that could prove this theory.

They claim that “extraterrestrial scientists” may have visited Earth or transmitted an electromagnetic signal that would have changed our DNA hundreds of millions of years ago.

2 Do We Have Extraterrestrial Messages Buried in Our DNA

It is also possible that extraterrestrials “sowed” Earth with genetic material, and scientists believe they may have “sown” the Earth purposefully, resulting in life.

Symbolic Mathematical Codes.

Scientists Vladimir Shcherbak and Maxim Makukov asserted that extraterrestrials from another solar system produced humans through genetic engineering and uncovered a “intelligent signal” inscribed in our DNA.

DNA looks to be an artificial, mathematically flawless invention, according to Shcherbak and Makukov: “The basic configurations of the code show a collection of architectural and ideographic patterns of symbolic language.” Using decimal notation and accurate and systematic logical transformations are also part of the process.

DNA’s “ideographic patterns” refer to the usage of symbols to represent actual physical objects. Also, in the genetic code, Shcherbak and Makukov discovered a repeating pattern of numerical values based on mathematical proportions and fractions.

According to studies done on the genetic code, which is the unchanging set of rules that translates DNA into proteins, the mysterious number 37 appears at least nine times in its chemical structure, with a probability of 10 trillion to 1 that this repetition occurred naturally and randomly.

3 Do We Have Extraterrestrial Messages Buriedin Our DNA

A non-random structure is instantly apparent in the code. We’re not talking about a bunch of haphazard patterns here. “They have some qualities that are difficult for us to relate to natural processes,”


In reality, the human body contains a number of 37-based mathematical expressions. Every cell in the human body has a molecular nucleus mass of 74, which is twice the mass of a human’s molecular nucleus, making the average body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. There are 37 trillion cells in the human body.

When it comes to DNA and our bodies, there is no greater connection than that of number 37.

A “receiver,” such as a radio or satellite, that absorbs electromagnetic waves is found in the genetic code, according to Shcherbak and Makukov. This would allow humans to communicate with our extraterrestrial founders directly and physically.

Makukov has no idea who decoded the cryptic message. “Maybe they departed a long time ago,” he speculates. It’s possible they’re still out there. It’s something I’d want to think about more in the future. However, according to the coding requirements, we feel our explanation is the most reasonable.”

Other Proofs

Researchers from the University of Chicago in the United States discovered evidence of alien influence in a 2004 investigation.

Human evolution could not have occurred spontaneously since it is slow and unpredictable, and a “unknown event” occurred some 50,000 years ago, which spurred the development of the human brain to its current complexity.

4 Do We Have Extraterrestrial Messages Buriedin Our DNA
50,000-year-old Australian rock paintings depicting the Wandjinas, the “celestial creatures who delivered civilization and wealth to the people,” as seen in the rock art.

FoxP2 evolved, which allowed humuna creatures to construct abstract languages and concepts, resulting in the appearance of the earliest rock art portraying unusual “gods” creators, akin to the alien characters claimed in current near-contacts.

Another major piece of data that should be noted is the Rh factor. Protein found in the membrane of hemoglobin-containing red blood cells is present only in patients with Rh Positive blood factor.

Humans are the only ones on Earth with the Rh Negative blood type, which is contrary to orthodox science’s assumption that this mutation occurred randomly throughout our evolutionary process.

Rh Negative may be proof of an ancient interbreeding between humans and extraterrestrials, according to some experts, who believe it is linked to the myths of “fallen angels” who mated with human women and gave birth to the Nephilins.

All of this evidence points to an alien presence in the distant past, and we will have the technology to read all of these mathematical hints and patterns in our DNA, allowing us to learn more about our ancestry and where we came from.

Is Ezekiel’s Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs?

It’s possible that our forefathers were visited by intelligent entities who were mistaken for demigods, according to new interpretations of biblical scriptures based on modern technical advancements.

According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, Ezekiel’s vision of the Merkabah, or Chariot of Fire, as a spaceship used to reach Earth and mankind is the most plausible interpretation.

It is Erich von Däniken, one of the strongest proponents of this idea, who provides a persuasive argument for an alternate interpretation of Ezekiel.

The God-Motorized Vehicles

Erich von Däniken met Josef F. Blumrich in the 1970s when he was invited to give a covert NASA lecture. Ezekiel’s vision was depicted as a spaceship, not a heavenly vehicle, according to von Däniken’s Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Blumrich’s encounter with von Däniken spurred him to action, and he set out to disprove the idea in question.

Blumrich, on the other hand, had a lightbulb moment as a result of the evidence. Clearly, Ezekiel was describing a high-tech spaceship. Ezekiel’s description of the ship was also utilized by Blumrich to patent his own omnidirectional wheel, or “wheels inside wheels”.

2 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Blumrich Omnidirectional Wheel Model.

It is said of Ezekiel that he was a prophet in various Old Testament writings. Unlike other third-person narratives of previous events handed down through the generations, the Book of Ezekiel uses the pronoun “I,” indicating that it was authored by Ezekiel himself in the first person perspective. Aside from the fact that it’s being told shortly after the fact, this appears to provide additional credibility to the tale.

“Humanlike” creatures, according to Ezekiel, were driving a cart as it descended toward him from above. This creature in the chariot is described as God in various Bible translations, however von Däniken points out that the original Hebrew language does not include the name “God,” and this word has since been inserted into many translations.

The wheeled carriage’s landing, as described by Ezekiel, resembles that of a spacecraft. Wind, lightning, and dazzling lights create the illusion of a spaceship landing on Earth, kicking up dust in a show that no one has ever seen before in such a primitive time period. It’s even described as “bright metal” in Ezekiel’s vision.

3 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Ezekiel’s Vision.

A massive dust storm moved in from the north, followed by a massive cloud of lightning and a massive ball of fire that was shining bronze. In the midst of the flames, there appeared to be four living beings. As a human, they each possessed four faces and four wings. Hoofed hooves like those of a calf glistened in the flames, while their legs were as strong, straight, and sturdily built as columns. Human hands might be found under each of their four wings on all four corners. Both faces and wings were on each of the four. They didn’t make a single turn; they just marched on.

Ezekiel 1:4-9

In many ways, this account differs from how Ezekiel’s vision has been shown in biblical art. The fire, the omnidirectional wheels, and the crystal dome that surrounds the heads of creatures that resemble humans are frequently not included in the photographs.

Each of the four animals had a wheel-like object on the ground next to it as I saw them. Here’s what the tires looked like when they were off: Wheels that glistened like diamonds in the sunlight, they were all the same. It appeared to be a gyroscope, with wheels on wheels. Only straight ahead, not turning off in any of the four directions. Huge eyeballs encircled the enormous rims. The wheels moved together with the animals, and the wheels also rose and fell in tandem with them. The wheels followed the spirit wherever it went, for the wheels carried the spirit of the living animals. Once the animals moved, the wheels moved; whenever the creatures stopped, the wheels stopped; and whenever the creatures pulled themselves off, the wheels lifted themselves off because the spirit of living beings was in the wheels, which were connected to the wheels. “A dome, gleaming like a sky full of cut glass, soared above the heads of the living animals.”

– Ezekiel 1:15-22

Finally, these aliens bring Ezekiel back to his ship and whisk him away to a temple on the highest peak of the mountain. The force of gravity, or G-Force, that is felt during rapid accelerations at extreme speed, might be regarded as God’s hand on Ezekiel during the flight.

Other Evidences

As Erich von Däniken’s idea unfolds, the Ark of the Covenant appears to be an intriguing relic.

The Kebra Nagast, an Ethiopian Orthodox Church Bible book that relates the account of King Solomon and Queen Sheba’s dynasty, is the most significant source.

King Solomon possessed flying devices that are not described in the Bible, as well as ownership of the Ark of the Covenant, which would have been taken to Ethiopia and stored at the Church of St. Mary of Zion in Ethiopia, according to this version.

According to these scriptures, people were scared of the Ark, and those who came into contact with it experienced symptoms similar to those of radiation poisoning. This suggests that the Ark of the Covenant may be a nuclear reactor.

Von Däniken argues that other Bible texts support his idea, including those that describe comparable temples or landing grounds for spaceships, like the one to which Ezekiel was carried. Erich Von Däniken

4 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Mysterious figure of the Chavin Temple of Huantar.

This 3,100-meter-tall mountain in Peru is home to a 3,500-year-old pre-Inca civilization known as the Chavin de Huantar, whose origins are unknown.

To Erich von Däniken, it seems like the temple is ornamented with carved skulls with helmets, like those seen in the Book of Ezekiel’s vision.

Tests on Akhenaten’s DNA suggest that the pharaoh may be an alien hybrid, according to the latest findings.

The results of a seven-year study sequencing the genomes of nine ancient Egyptian pharaohs were recently released by Cairo University professor of comparative genomics Stuart Fleischmann and his colleagues. If they’re right, their findings might completely alter the course of history.

Polymer chain reaction was employed by Fleischmann and his colleagues to preserve ancient DNA samples. An accurate representation of the genetic structure may be obtained using this method, which is commonly employed in molecular biology.

However, there was some variation in the results for eight out of the nine samples tested. The ninth champion belonged to Akhenaten, the most mysterious of the pharaohs and the father of Tutankhamun.

One of the genes, CXPAC-5, which regulates cortical growth, was shown to be responsible for the identical outcomes when the DNA sample was taken from a small piece of brain tissue and tested on bone tissue as well.

This greater activity in the Akhenaten genome shows that it had a bigger cranial capacity than usual, due to the necessity to store a larger cortex.

We don’t know how this mutation, which causes brain growth, came to be, but this data suggests that genetic modifications were advanced 3,300 years ago.

Prof. Fleischmann explains this in detail:

There are only two ways to decrease telomerase, which is a hereditary enzyme. Akhenaten lived roughly 45 years, based on genetic and archaeological data. Despite this, there is a reasonable but unpleasant explanation for why chromosomal telomerase isn't completely eliminated. In support of this concept, an electron microscope research revealed evidence of a nucleotide scar, a telltale indicator of repair of the DNA helix after exposure to powerful mutagenic chemicals."

According to these findings, Akhenaten may have been genetically tampered with during his lifetime, which lends credence to the hypothesis that ancient extraterrestrials visited the Nile Valley civilisation during its golden age.

Images of bones from Akhenaten’s cranium and another mummy from the same era are shown below in microscopic detail.

2 Tests on Akhenatens DNA suggest that the pharaoh may be an alien hybrid according to the latest findings.

Bone density and drastically varies in nanoscales, with the left bone being considerably denser and more resistant to skull fractures, presumably for better brain development.

It’s an interesting finding to say the least.” So many papers and samples have been evaluated that we are confident that the data is accurate. For Fleischmann, “I’m still not sure what the data signify, but I think they can at least lead the scientific community in a route that would have been dismissed a few decades ago.”

A paradigm change has never been witnessed before if this study is right, and discovering direct descendants of the royal line of ancient Egypt who still possess these odd DNA of their forebears would be the most significant piece of this new paradigm.

Scientists may have finally deciphered the ancient wisdom of changing our DNA.

According to one of the key assumptions of the ancient astronaut idea, ancient entities may have tampered with the DNA of humans and other lifeforms.

The DNA double helix design has been found in a number of ancient engravings, prompting researchers to speculate: What if alien aliens aided human evolution? Perhaps they even created hybrids from their own DNA?

2 Scientists May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge Of Changing Our DNA

Another idea holds that ancient cultures were aware of a Third Eye located in the pituitary gland of the brain. The strange creatures that appear to be altering the Tree of Life appear to be tied to the pine cone-shaped gland. Some people believe the tree represents DNA and human vertebrae.

Many unsolved questions remain. What’s the connection between DNA and the Third Eye? Did these prehistoric organisms have a thorough comprehension of how to change the structure of DNA with higher consciousness? That, to be sure, appears absurd. Other scientists, on the other hand, appear to have reached the same conclusion.

Before delving into these latest discoveries, keep in mind that the vast majority of DNA is still unknown. They discovered an entirely new type of twisted DNA dubbed the i-motif, which is a four-stranded knot of genetic code, in 2018.

DNA is a mysterious substance.

3 Scientists May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge Of Changing Our DNA

Simultaneously, researchers released their findings on dark matter’s DNA, which is composed of inexplicable sequences that are almost identical in all vertebrates, including humans, mice, and chickens. Despite the fact that Dark DNA is thought to be crucial to life, scientists have no idea how it works or how it emerged and developed in the ancient past. We have no clue what 98 percent of our DNA does, but we are progressively understanding that it is not “junk.”

Scientists still don’t know much about our genetic DNA, and they’re stumped as to what generates awareness. Several studies have revealed that intracellular, environmental, and energetic variables may all modify DNA at the same time. The study of how variables other than our genetic code change who and what we are is known as epigenetics.

According to some research, our objectives, ideas, and emotions may have an impact on our DNA. Maintaining a positive attitude and correctly handling stress may aid in the preservation of our mental health as well as our genetic DNA.

In contrast, mitochondrial DNA and telomere length were shown to be changed in a study of 11,500 women at high risk of depression in the United Kingdom.

The most noteworthy conclusion, according to Science Alert, was that women who experienced stress-related sorrow or unhappiness as a result of childhood trauma such as sexual assault had more mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) than their peers. Mitochondria are cellular organelles that transfer energy from meals to the rest of the cell, and an increase in mitochondrial DNA led the researchers to believe that their cells’ energy requirements had changed as a result of stress.

These changes in DNA structure appear to hasten the aging process. The researchers revealed that women suffering from stress-related depression had shorter telomeres than healthy women after evaluating their data. Telomeres are the caps at the ends of our chromosomes that typically shorten with age, and the researchers wondered if stress had expedited this process.

Another study showed that meditation and yoga might help with telomere preservation. Some scientists believe that our DNA is ultimately related to our higher spiritual self. According to traditional astronaut ideas, we are now nearing the ancients’ level of intelligence. If this seems strange to you, you may not want to continue reading since things are going to become more stranger.

Is it possible to have ghost DNA?

4 Scientists May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge Of Changing Our DNA

Vladimir Poponin, a Russian quantum physicist, published “The DNA Phantom Effect,” a mind-boggling finding, in 1995. According to that research, a series of investigations revealed that human DNA has a direct impact on the physical world via a new field of energy that connects the two. When photons of light were present in the presence of live DNA, they organized themselves differently, according to the researchers.

The DNA shaped the photons into regular patterns, as though moulded by an invisible power. This is significant since traditional physics does not allow for such a result. However, in this controlled environment, DNA, the substance that makes up us, was observed and proved to have a direct impact on the quantum stuff that makes up our universe.

In another experiment undertaken by the US Army in 1993, DNA samples were tested to determine how they responded to emotions from human donors. While the donors were watching movies in another room, the DNA samples were being examined. To put it another way, no matter how far away the human was from the DNA sample, the individual’s emotions had an effect on the DNA. It appears that quantum entanglement is the case.

When the donor’s cells and DNA went through emotional “peaks” and “dips,” they both had a significant electrical reaction. Despite being separated for hundreds of feet from his own DNA sample, the DNA reacted as if it were still physically attached to the donor’s body. Why, one could ask. What could explain the donor’s and his isolated DNA sample’s unusual synchronization?

Worse, even if a person’s DNA sample was 350 kilometers distant, it still replied at the same time. They appear to be linked by an unnamed field of energy, which has yet to be properly explained.

When the donor experienced an emotional experience, the DNA in the sample responded as though it was still connected to the donor’s body in some manner. “There is no point where one’s body genuinely ends and no point where it begins,” explains Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a colleague of Cleve Backster’s.

A third HeartMath experiment from 1995 suggests that people’s emotions may have the same influence on DNA structure. According to Glen Rein and Rollin McCraty, the DNA of participants changed depending on what they were thinking about.

According to one of the researchers, these studies revealed that different intentions had different effects on the DNA molecule, causing it to wind or unwind. The implications certainly extend beyond what orthodox scientific theory has permitted up to this moment.

These decades-old research demonstrate that we are linked to our DNA and that the vibrations of photons of light that surround us are influenced in some unknown way by our DNA.

5 Scientists May Have Finally Decoded The Ancient Knowledge Of Changing Our DNA

Many people may find these ideas unusual, yet the truth is frequently stranger than fiction. Likewise, eminent scientists and skeptics have long dismissed the claims of ancient astronaut theories as rubbish. According to Scientific American, the ancient extraterrestrial idea is founded on a logical error known as “argumentum ad ignorantiam,” or “argument from ignorance.”

If there is no appropriate terrestrial explanation for, say, the Peruvian Nazca Lines, Easter Island sculptures, or Egyptian pyramids, then the hypothesis that they were built by space aliens must be correct.

The fact is that we have no understanding how people got to where they are now. We’re all still hunting for answers, but the truth may be even more shocking than we anticipated. We’ll never know until we keep an open mind, which might be the key to unlocking mysteries hidden deep inside DNA’s ancient code.

Are the Pitoni Sky Stones evidence of an alien presence in West Africa?

Proof of alien life is sought by everyone who has any interest in the subject. Until now, there has been no conclusive proof. However, conventional scientists have not been able to establish the existence of crop circle patterns, which appear to be one example.

The skeletal bones of Queen Puabi, an ancient Sumerian lady, might be another example of actual proof. Possibly, her DNA might prove that she is not totally human. No test results are available at this time, so we’ll have to wait for a response.

Sky Stones, a stunning sky-blue stone, might be a third example of proof of extraterrestrial visits. Since the 1990s, the blue stone with white veins has been the topic of folklore. Angelo Pitoni, a geologist who traveled to Sierra Leone in West Africa, is the subject of the narrative.

Angelo Pitoni, an Italian geologist, obtained odd blue stones from a Fula Chief in Sierra Leone, West Africa, in 1990, according to the unconfirmed short version of the story. The tribe claimed that the stones were brought to them by extraterrestrials.

To analyze the unusual pebbles, Pitoni travelled to Europe and brought them back to a university. The stones tested negative for any known mineral, according to the findings.

The scientists were stumped as to why the stones remained blue. Observation of a microscopic sample revealed no evidence of blue pigmentation. The mineral would not change if the stone was heated to high temperatures. It would not be broken down by acids.

2 Are the Pitoni Sky Stones evidence of an alien presence in West Africa

Oxygen made up 77.17 percent of the stone, according to further testing. Carbon, calcium, and an unidentified chemical substance made up the rest of the mixture. In certain cases, the Sky Stones may be as old as 55,000 years old.

Pitoni did exist, as evidenced by images of him holding his Sky Stones, but acquiring concrete proof of his existence is very impossible. The claims on the Internet were so outlandish that it was hard to believe that he wasn’t a member of the CIA, a secret spy, an explorer in the Amazon rainforests, or a Mayan city discoverer.

Angelo Pitoni with a Nomoli figure from the tribe that gave him the Sky Stones in this one of the rare photos of the two together.

Jared Collins and the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series are helping to rekindle interest in the narrative. Collins comes in “The Star Go ds of Sirius” carrying a suitcase full of Sky Stone samples. Since credible organizations have begun testing stones, the enigma has finally been solved.

An oxygen-rich meteorite is the most likely explanation for the Skystone’s formation. Video sharing website YouTube

When Collins first saw the blue substance in Hong Kong in 2013, he was determined to get his hands on a sample. The dealer related a weird narrative about how he had a sample examined by Dr. Preeti at GRS Swisslabs, and that the stones came from the sky. In the end, the doctor “couldn’t ascertain its makeup and ended up returning it as unidentified” after waiting 15 months for the results.

Image of a message made to a Hong Kong broker by Dr. Preity

Collins sought to buy a sample from the dealer, but he refused. The American went with little, but the narrative stayed with him. Researching Angelo Pitoni online, he found out all about the bizarre story of his stone formed out of oxygen. Collins was unable to locate any information about the subject. His attention was instead on finding the Sky Stone and collecting evidence to back it up.

Exhibits at Erich Von Daniken’s Museum of Mystery in Switzerland’s Interlaken still had a sample of the Nomoli sculptures on show. The museum, on the other hand, was unwilling to part with a piece of the stone.

Figure of Nomoli

Collins’ last recourse was to contact the same Hong Kong diamond dealer one more time. After a year, he was surprised to find that the dealer was still interested. If he chose, GRS Swisslabs could provide him with the identical sample that had been analyzed there. It arrived in Hong Kong with a note detailing its journey there.

In Auroville, India, Vijay, an Italian guy who sold jewels, met the gem merchant. Vijay presented him a sample of a Sky Stone he had gotten from his buddy, Angelo Pitoni, at a conference in Italy later that year. While writing to Collins, Vijay detailed the events leading up to the stone’s discovery and said that he felt it had come from the star Sirius B.

“Angelo Pitoni, a geologist and explorer from Italy, found the chunk of sky stone you now possess while in Sierra Leone. According to local folklore, “diamonds are stars that fell from the sky” in that region. Pitoni once teased them by saying, “But if the stars fell, then the sky must have collapsed, right?” Yes, they said, and they knew exactly where it dropped.

There were few fragments of this blue Material on the ground where a local shaman took him. When he started digging, he discovered more than 200 kg of it in a pyramid-shaped arrangement. According to the geologist, “The Material could not be recognized.” I was later provided with copy of the study.

However, Collins was eager to receive the genuine evidence he was looking for, and he found the narrative interesting. A test of the Sky Stone was performed at the University of Washington’s Division of Earth and Space Sciences on March 6, 2019. For the sake of objectivity, he never revealed to the University what they were testing on. This is according to an internet report.” As far as we know, no more information is known about the material’s origins.

Collins has confirmed that the Sky Stones are unlike anything on Earth after years of travel and investigation.

What this blue, stone-like substance is has taken me around the world and back for more than five years of study and inquiry.” No one – not one academic or university, not one independent scientist or laboratory – has been able to identify or grasp the origins or creation mechanisms of the Material, even though I’ve amassed a mound of scientific studies from more than 16 different sources.”

The Sky Stones look to be one-of-a-kind. This is convincing empirical evidence, but it does not prove that the stones were given to Earth by extraterrestrials. That it’s part of a bigger tale about the African tribe’s belief in heavenly creatures is also important to keep in mind.