Are the Pitoni Sky Stones evidence of an alien presence in West Africa?

Are the Pitoni Sky Stones evidence of an alien presence in West Africa?


Proof of alien life is sought by everyone who has any interest in the subject. Until now, there has been no conclusive proof. However, conventional scientists have not been able to establish the existence of crop circle patterns, which appear to be one example.

The skeletal bones of Queen Puabi, an ancient Sumerian lady, might be another example of actual proof. Possibly, her DNA might prove that she is not totally human. No test results are available at this time, so we’ll have to wait for a response.

Sky Stones, a stunning sky-blue stone, might be a third example of proof of extraterrestrial visits. Since the 1990s, the blue stone with white veins has been the topic of folklore. Angelo Pitoni, a geologist who traveled to Sierra Leone in West Africa, is the subject of the narrative.

Angelo Pitoni, an Italian geologist, obtained odd blue stones from a Fula Chief in Sierra Leone, West Africa, in 1990, according to the unconfirmed short version of the story. The tribe claimed that the stones were brought to them by extraterrestrials.

To analyze the unusual pebbles, Pitoni travelled to Europe and brought them back to a university. The stones tested negative for any known mineral, according to the findings.

The scientists were stumped as to why the stones remained blue. Observation of a microscopic sample revealed no evidence of blue pigmentation. The mineral would not change if the stone was heated to high temperatures. It would not be broken down by acids.

2 Are the Pitoni Sky Stones evidence of an alien presence in West Africa


Oxygen made up 77.17 percent of the stone, according to further testing. Carbon, calcium, and an unidentified chemical substance made up the rest of the mixture. In certain cases, the Sky Stones may be as old as 55,000 years old.

Pitoni did exist, as evidenced by images of him holding his Sky Stones, but acquiring concrete proof of his existence is very impossible. The claims on the Internet were so outlandish that it was hard to believe that he wasn’t a member of the CIA, a secret spy, an explorer in the Amazon rainforests, or a Mayan city discoverer.

Angelo Pitoni with a Nomoli figure from the tribe that gave him the Sky Stones in this one of the rare photos of the two together.

Jared Collins and the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series are helping to rekindle interest in the narrative. Collins comes in “The Star Go ds of Sirius” carrying a suitcase full of Sky Stone samples. Since credible organizations have begun testing stones, the enigma has finally been solved.

An oxygen-rich meteorite is the most likely explanation for the Skystone’s formation. Video sharing website YouTube

When Collins first saw the blue substance in Hong Kong in 2013, he was determined to get his hands on a sample. The dealer related a weird narrative about how he had a sample examined by Dr. Preeti at GRS Swisslabs, and that the stones came from the sky. In the end, the doctor “couldn’t ascertain its makeup and ended up returning it as unidentified” after waiting 15 months for the results.

Image of a message made to a Hong Kong broker by Dr. Preity

Collins sought to buy a sample from the dealer, but he refused. The American went with little, but the narrative stayed with him. Researching Angelo Pitoni online, he found out all about the bizarre story of his stone formed out of oxygen. Collins was unable to locate any information about the subject. His attention was instead on finding the Sky Stone and collecting evidence to back it up.

Exhibits at Erich Von Daniken’s Museum of Mystery in Switzerland’s Interlaken still had a sample of the Nomoli sculptures on show. The museum, on the other hand, was unwilling to part with a piece of the stone.

Figure of Nomoli

Collins’ last recourse was to contact the same Hong Kong diamond dealer one more time. After a year, he was surprised to find that the dealer was still interested. If he chose, GRS Swisslabs could provide him with the identical sample that had been analyzed there. It arrived in Hong Kong with a note detailing its journey there.

In Auroville, India, Vijay, an Italian guy who sold jewels, met the gem merchant. Vijay presented him a sample of a Sky Stone he had gotten from his buddy, Angelo Pitoni, at a conference in Italy later that year. While writing to Collins, Vijay detailed the events leading up to the stone’s discovery and said that he felt it had come from the star Sirius B.

“Angelo Pitoni, a geologist and explorer from Italy, found the chunk of sky stone you now possess while in Sierra Leone. According to local folklore, “diamonds are stars that fell from the sky” in that region. Pitoni once teased them by saying, “But if the stars fell, then the sky must have collapsed, right?” Yes, they said, and they knew exactly where it dropped.

There were few fragments of this blue Material on the ground where a local shaman took him. When he started digging, he discovered more than 200 kg of it in a pyramid-shaped arrangement. According to the geologist, “The Material could not be recognized.” I was later provided with copy of the study.

However, Collins was eager to receive the genuine evidence he was looking for, and he found the narrative interesting. A test of the Sky Stone was performed at the University of Washington’s Division of Earth and Space Sciences on March 6, 2019. For the sake of objectivity, he never revealed to the University what they were testing on. This is according to an internet report.” As far as we know, no more information is known about the material’s origins.

Collins has confirmed that the Sky Stones are unlike anything on Earth after years of travel and investigation.

What this blue, stone-like substance is has taken me around the world and back for more than five years of study and inquiry.” No one – not one academic or university, not one independent scientist or laboratory – has been able to identify or grasp the origins or creation mechanisms of the Material, even though I’ve amassed a mound of scientific studies from more than 16 different sources.”

The Sky Stones look to be one-of-a-kind. This is convincing empirical evidence, but it does not prove that the stones were given to Earth by extraterrestrials. That it’s part of a bigger tale about the African tribe’s belief in heavenly creatures is also important to keep in mind.


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