scientists say we could be living in a kind of galactic zoo watched over

Are humans confined to a ‘Galactic Zoo’ by Aliens? The startling ‘Great Silence’ is investigated by science.


Scientists have spent centuries attempting to answer the age-old question, “Are we alone in the Universe?” A group of scientists has uncovered evidence that extraterrestrial beings may be monitoring and safeguarding humans on Earth. METI International, or Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, has invited scholars from a variety of professions, including astronomy and psychology, to discuss the subject. According to the Daily Mail, the term ‘galactic zoo’ or ‘zoo hypothesis’ refers to an idea that dates all the way back to the early 1970s. As one of the conference co-chairs, Jean-Pierre Rospars, put it, “it is plausible that extraterrestrials are imposing a ‘galactic quarantine’ because they recognize that learning about them would be culturally disruptive.” Additionally, he stated, “We should anticipate the recurring independent birth of intelligent species across the cosmos, as well as the presence of more or less identical kinds of intelligence everywhere under favorable conditions.”

There are about 4,000 known exoplanets in our galaxy alone, the Milky Way, and probably more than 50 billion in the visible Universe. Scientists gathering in Paris for the METI International conference addressed some fairly bizarre topics, one of which was if we are living in a ‘galactic zoo’. The notion that humans are being observed and maybe protected by extraterrestrials! According to Forbes, attendee Raulin Cerceau stated, “we discussed what is known as the ‘zoo hypothesis.'”

The Zoo theory is a mind-numbing concept that explains why there is a ‘Great Silence’ in the Universe and attributes it to aliens who are observing and protecting mankind while purposefully concealing themselves. They are observing us in the same way that we observe animals at a zoo. Adding to the ‘zoo hypothesis’ is the ‘galactic quarantine’ argument, according to which aliens are purposefully concealing themselves to avoid disrupting our society.

However, where are the aliens and how do they appear? METI foreign scientists assert that they do not agree with us. Wherever they dwell, they are subject to the local laws. Biological evolution might be random, as it is on Earth, which has such a diverse range of living forms. How they are is virtually difficult to describe. therefore it is much more impossible to arrive at a definitive answer to the issue – are we truly alone – until we are contacted or communicate with other species.


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