dark pyramid discovered under alaska

Archaeologists have unearthed a massive dark pyramid in Alaska.


Archaeological anomalies under Alaska that science cannot explain are making headlines. Despite the lack of information, there is a substantial amount of evidence to support their claims.

In order to help us out, Linda Moulton Howe is here, since she has been studying the anomalies for a long time and believes she has identified a link between them and the Black Pyramid Theory that has been circulating since May 22nd, 1992.

dark alaskan pyramid


If China’s one-megaton device was tested under the deserts of northwest China, scientists would have an opportunity to scan the Earth’s crust to discover what sparked the seism.

A large pyramid-shaped structure was discovered under Alaska by this method. Former U.S. Army officer Mutschler later backed up the claims of the author of this article.

black pyramid found in alaska

All of these anomalies seem to be converging towards Alaska Triangle, which is where it’s located.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is said to be dwarfed by the Black Pyramid, making it the world’s largest man-made monument.

Many people believe that the pyramid was created by an ancient human civilization that had access to more sophisticated technology than we possess, while others believe that it is a remnant of extraterrestrial technology.


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