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Archaeologists astounded: “Giants’ graves discovered in Crimea” (Video)


During archaeological digs in the Crimea, researchers discovered a Byzantine Empire necropolis including the grave of a giant.

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While work on the restoration of the Mithridates staircase in Kerch proceeded, archaeological excavations in the vicinity started concurrently.

This uncovered up to 100 square meters of a necropolis, which included the graves of visitors to John the Baptist’s temple.

There have been 27 graves found to far, including several of youngsters and twins. Additionally, additional components, such as bronze pendants or bracelets, may be included.

They even discovered felt clothing in one of the graves. This was very beneficial since it enabled them to date the discovery.

Giant’s tomb in the necropolis

The discovery was unusual in and of itself, but got much stranger when they discovered a burial box measuring more than 2.30 meters in length. When they unearthed it, they discovered what looked to be a giant’s skeleton.

Given the normal physique of the indigenous people in the past, discovering a skeleton of a guy over six feet tall contradicts the facts.

Given that the average height of the people at the time was 1.60 meters, there is no explanation for how the bones of this giant ended up in the region.

The team’s anthropologist analyzed the bones in the aim of determining the age of the individual buried there.

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The remains must be analyzed to discover their origin

Difficult excavation

Excavation progress has been sluggish because of the challenging terrain. Historically, trash was just dumped on the ground.

Then, throughout the Middle Ages, a necropolis was constructed on top of all the old ruins. As a result, archaeologists have struggled to provide a precise explanation of the origins of everything discovered.

At the present, the specialists are negotiating with the bishop of Kerch-Feodosia in order to remove and analyze the discovered bones.

Experts are still investigating the strange skeleton’s origins and the rationale for its extraordinary size. Additionally to elucidating its roots.

Giants were prevalent in many ancient civilizations, despite the fact that conventional archeology attempts to conceal these kinds of discoveries. However, finds such as the one in Crimea demonstrate that they existed.

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