Another strange and ancient structure was uncovered by researchers on Mars.

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NASA images of the surface of Mars were used by renowned ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring to illustrate his most recent discovery.

The researcher discovered a strange structure in one of the craters that appeared to be an old building that had been abandoned behind a layer of sand and rubble.

Despite being buried by millennia’s worth of wind-driven sand and mud, the building is still visible, according to Waring.

He said on his blog that it was “an accomplishment of a long-gone ancient civilisation.”

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According to Waring, the building on Mars stands out proudly and would typically be investigated by archaeologists. The planet is 34 million miles away from the earth, making it impossible to examine the new data.

According to the report, “the puzzle will remain for decades.”

There is currently no proof that there was life on Mars in the past or now. The information suggests that during the ancient Noachian period, the surface environment of Mars may have had liquid water and been habitable.

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