Ancient Underground Tunnels Connecting Turkey and Scotland Were Found

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A German archeologist, Heinrich Kush, discovered an ancient underground tunnel bridging Turkey and Scotland. He came across a tunnel over 12,000 years old that fully connects two countries thousands of miles apart.

To announce his discovery to the world, he wrote the book entitled “The Secret of the Underworld of an Ancient World.” In his book, he claimed that all of the secrets the ancient world hid from us could be answered. As soon as we study these extensive tunnel systems, we will also understand the secrets of human history.

The main tunnel he discovered connected Turkey to Scotland and vice versa. But several branches in the system led to places much further than they could explore. He claimed that most of Europe were connected by these tunnels in an intricate maze-like fashion.

The discovery of a network of ancient underground tunnels connecting Turkey and Scotland was discovered by a team of experts that were exploring the subterranean depths.

The idea that there might be an old tunnel connecting Turkey and Scotland has been around for centuries. The story goes that an Englishman named Thomas Mitchell-Carr was exploring the headwaters of the Tigris River in 1881 when he came across a tunnel entrance. He, along with his guide, ventured into the darkness and emerged days later on the banks of Loch Awe in Scotland.

Archaeologists have just discovered a network of ancient underground tunnels near Duzce, southwestern Turkey, which could support this theory. Scientists estimate these tunnels date back to the Roman Empire when they were used to transport goods between Asia Minor and Rome.

The team found entrances at both ends of the tunnel with sections running up to 80 meters below ground level. They are now trying to learn more about how these tunnels were built

Some believe that an underground tunnel system existed throughout the world at the time of Noah’s flood. A number of them have been found in Egypt, Mexico, and Tibet, among other places.

There are conflicting reports as to whether there is a passage connecting Turkey and Scotland. Some claim that it was flooded centuries ago, while others insist it has not been found because it could only be accessed through Syria’s Kobane region, which is currently occupied by ISIS militants.

The first mention of this tunnel appeared in writings by Dr. Steven Aldhouse Green, who claimed that he had discovered a passage near Corbridge that would enable someone to walk from Perth to Constantinople underground.

More recent research has revealed these passages run across the whole country, connecting together even more disparate regions such as Cumbria and Cheshire.

Carbon dating revealed that the system date back to the Neolithic period, but they couldn’t explain why these tunnels were put there in the first place. And considering the technology from the time, we also do not know who built these tunnels.

2 Ancient Underground Tunnels Connecting Turkey and Scotland Were Found

Some believe that these were shelters made by ancient advanced civilizations. These were probably shelters these civilizations used to shield themselves from the nuclear war on the surface. On the other hand, some believe that merchants made these to help them avoid scavengers and raiders, especially since their merchandise would have been easy targets for thieves.

These tunnels are around 70 cm in diameter. Most smaller branches are connected and built around churches, cemeteries, and forests. But some argue that people built these structures around the tunnels instead.

For now, unless further investigation into these tunnels is performed, we won’t know the truth. However, the intricate details of the maze-like system would pose problems. We will probably need modern mapping technology to ensure the safety of the explorers.

Once the investigation is done, one can only imagine how much more we will understand about our world history. What if these tunnels contain the remains of an ancient civilization? Or better yet, what if they survived and we can find them in one of the many corridors the tunnel system contains?

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