Alien Hybrids: The Ins and Outs of All the Alien Abductions in our World

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Alien abductions are becoming more and more frequent. While most abductees claim that they cannot remember what happens after being taken to their ship, some can recall their interaction with these ETs. These are some reasons why we do not understand this phenomenon better.

Many people around the world have had experiences with contact with aliens. Some of these contactees use the term “hybrid” to describe themselves. In this article, we will go into detail about what it means to be an alien hybrid and cover some of the most common types of abduction cases and their differences.

Alien Hybrid: A term used to describe a person who has been abducted by aliens, who may or may not possess some form of extraterrestrial DNA or genetic anomaly.

Contactee: A term for someone who has made contact with an alien being without any physical interaction beyond a sighting or a voice from thin air can be used as well

Abduction Cases: Cases in which an individual is removed from their home by extraterrestrials without any form of physical interaction beyond a sighting or a voice heard in the individual’s head

What is an alien hybrid?

An alien hybrid is a human being with a close genetic resemblance to the aliens that supposedly abducted them.

Where did this idea come from?

This idea of alien hybrids comes from the belief that aliens are coming and abducting people in many places, primarily in North America. There are many believers who claim to be true victims of abduction stories. They believe that something has happened to them and it cannot be explained by conventional means, hence they blame aliens for taking them away against their will.

Why do people believe in this theory?

People might believe in this theory because it sounds like a weird explanation for certain unexplainable events. However, skeptics point out that there are many incidents of hallucinations or dreams which cause people to think they have been abducted by these so-called ‘aliens’ when they have not actually been taken away by anything at all.

The reason for these alien abductions is no longer a secret. This is a steady and gradual invasion to help them prepare for a full-scale takeover of our planet. After all, Earth is one of the very few planets in the universe capable of sustaining life.

Why these aliens are taking these steps to prepare is unclear to us. Regardless, the little information we have is reason enough for us to be concerned.

2 Alien Hybrids The Ins and Outs of All the Alien Abductions in our World

Their preparations include but are not limited to collecting information, understanding our culture, and producing human-alien crossbreeds. Each of these reasons has an ominous explanation, and it will be better to learn about them in more detail.

Among these reasons, the most dangerous is establishing a hybrid population. These hybrids are the biggest threats to our world. We have no idea which ones of us are hybrids. And they have the mental capacity to influence our less-developed minds.

These hybrids were taught how to fit into our society and were ordered to infiltrate our governments. They rise to positions of power and help the aliens establish a stronger foothold before their initial attack.

3 Alien Hybrids The Ins and Outs of All the Alien Abductions in our World

Besides this, we also learned that more than one alien species is in constant contact with us. There are thought to be six alien races who are fighting for world domination under our very noses. This further proves how valuable Earth is and how much of a disputed territory it is for alien races.

These six races visited Earth for thousands of years. One can only imagine how engrained they are in our society already.

Dr. David Robinson discussed these findings in more detail. He is a world-famous expert on alien abductions. He worked closely with hundreds of abductees and compiled their accounts to help us better understand this phenomenon.

Here is a video of him talking about alien abductions and his thoughts about them.

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