A researcher discovered “Ancient Alien City” at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

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Scott Waring, a renowned ufologist and virtual archaeologist from Taiwan, examined satellite images of our planet once more, and the discovery of a large structure in the middle of the Pacific Ocean did not take long.

The researcher offered the coordinates for more research on this peculiar structure in support of his statements: 16 ° 37’27.65 “S 143 ° 35’47.39” W 16 ° 37’27.65 “S 143 ° 35’47.39” W

According to Waring, this was a long-established alien city that had been around for around 3000 years. It is situated 500 meters below the Pacific Ocean’s surface and measures little over a kilometer in length.

The ufologist asserts that there are compelling arguments to support the notion that extraterrestrial civilizations built this metropolis. Waring claims that the architecture of the structure and the materials used in its creation are everything.

Many centuries ago, there were no such ships that could transport thousands of stone blocks to the center of the ocean. The analysis concluded that such a difficult task could only be accomplished by an extraterrestrial aircraft.

The ufologist does not rule out the possibility that the legendary Mu continent, which formerly spanned the Pacific Ocean but was sunk by natural disaster, is connected to the ancient structure.

In this illustration, a sophisticated earthly society from the ancient era is being discussed.


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