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A Personal Diary of a Missing Scientist Establishes The Existence Of Aliens, UFOs, And Secret Government Projects


A paper labeled Project Pulsar claims that it has uncovered some potentially lethal facts on aliens, UFOs, and other covert government projects.

According to the paper, the material made public is thought to be the personal notes of a scientist employed by the US government throughout the years.

The scientist was tasked with visiting crash sites, interrogating captured alien life forms, and analyzing the findings.

The document’s authors have not identified the scientist, but say that he kept track of his meetings with alien life forms and UFO crash sites. Additionally, the letter said that the scientist was found to have kept personal notes and was due to be terminated. However, he departed the nation before that could happen.

The scientist’s notebooks reveal many extraterrestrial cultures, their biology, and the language used for communication. Additionally, Auricmedia’s publication sheds insight on nine extraterrestrial languages: Nordic, Pleiadian, Vegan, Syrius, K’Thai, Orion, Antarian, Grey Universal, and Universal Communication symbols.

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Additionally, the paper gives information on extraterrestrial pharmacology for humans. According to the study, aliens possess Psionic Power (the capacity to mentally manipulate one’s environment, rearrange or create matter, and/or display illusions).

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The paper puts to light many government initiatives that have been kept secret from the public. As an example, consider Project MK-ULTRA. According to the article, Germany encountered extraterrestrial life forms equipped with advanced technology from outer space during the first world war.


“For millennia, many extraterrestrial cultures have been observing the human genetic process. Their existence on Earth has intensified as a result of the genetic changes that began in the past century (1900s), first slowly and then rapidly. Their reprosits were finally occurring, but the technical psychic new human being was rapidly maturing and setting its sights on alien domination,” the paper said.

The MK-ULTRA Endeavor, according to the report, is a continuing Central Intelligence project. The project’s main purpose is mind control.
The document also revealed that the US intelligence community was involved in other infamous high-tech procedures, including memory erasure, hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post-hypnotic suggestions, rapid induction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, and non-ionizing radiation.

Concerning extraterrestrial hostile takeover, the study implies that the notion of hostility is erroneous. “If ETIs have been studying and engaging with Earth for decades, what is the point of delaying a hostile occupation?” The relatively significant surge in UFO and ETI activity that occurred in the mid-1940s, coinciding with the birth of the human nuclear era, indicates a serious worry about human hostile capabilities,” the research said.

This might indicate that the aliens are concerned with the long-term wellbeing and survival of humans, or with the possibility of human aggressiveness being transmitted to their distant cultures.

Earlier this year, a former government emergency specialist confessed about the Area 51 military outpost on his deathbed. According to Express, he reported that he was seen inside an extraterrestrial flying saucer at the facility.

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At the ET Disclosure Hearing in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, a 92-year-old Paul Hellyer disclosed that if he wanted to learn about the operation of an extraterrestrial ship, he would “ask the present head of emergency measures.”

“I know this because I interviewed the previous one, who is now dead, and he went to Langley and the CIA asked if he wanted to see one of these spacecraft,” Helper said.

“They flew him to Area 51 and let him to enter one and watch and take notes.”
With these fascinating information, it looks as if the reality of aliens and UFOs cannot be disregarded as a conspiracy idea.


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