5 Strange Locations Around the World That Could Be a Portal To Another Dimension

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Time travel is a fascinating concept that has been the subject of several science fiction films, and it also occupies the thoughts of many people who aspire to construct a machine that can transport people back and forth in time.

The problem with passing time is that it necessitates a vehicle capable of reaching speeds close to or beyond the speed of light, which is hundreds of thousands of kilometers per second. As a result, today’s most major impediment to time travel is the type of material that may be used to build a time machine. While it is technically possible, the researcher argues that owing to a paucity of resources, developing a working time machine in the near future will be challenging.

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The material that can be used to make a time machine is now the most major stumbling obstacle to time travel.

But we aren’t utterly helpless. Even without time machines, we have a plethora of time-lapses on Earth. What exactly is the rationale behind this? Is it still possible that hidden time gaps exist in nature – no. Will an object be transferred to a different time if it gets lost in these time portals?

In the following locations, no time vents are suspected.

Times Square in New York City.

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One of history’s most famous instances of “time travel” is Rudolph Fentz. A man in his 30s dressed in late 19th century clothing wandering the sidewalks of Times Square in New York in 1950 grabbed a lot of attention. According to witnesses, the man was terrified and died minutes later in a car accident.

During the autopsy, people discovered the following items: a copper card bearing the name of a strange bar, $70 in old money, a business card bearing the name Rudolph Fentz and an address on 6th Avenue (Fifth Avenue), and a letter dated June 1876.

Based on this information, the police found that Rudolph Fentz’s daughter-in-law presently resides in Florida, USA. Her spouse had informed her that his father-in-law had mysteriously gone in 1876, when he was 29 years old.

Bold Street in Liverpool, England.

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The Liverpool Echo newspaper in Liverpool, England, compiled and analyzed the accounts of persons who claimed to have “gone back in time.”

In 2006, a thief was on the run from a security guard in the Bold Street area. When he turned back, he noticed that the officer had moved away from him.

However, the relief was quickly replaced with sheer bewilderment.

The thief observed vintage cars and people dressed in odd outfits. He looked up the year in a newspaper and discovered that it was 1967. Despite the fact that he could still see the past when he glanced down, he rushed along Ranelagh Street, glad to be back in 2006. the final destination

After completing an investigation, the Echo determined that the thief’s data closely matched the location of multiple other locations in 1967. According to the security guard, the thief appeared to have disappeared. You left traces when you chased him.

Edinburgh is a Scottish city.

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In 1935, Field Marshal Victor Goddard of the Royal Air Force had an extraordinary experience.

Field Marshal Victor Goddard of the Royal Air Force had an unexpected experience in 1935. While flying over an abandoned airfield in Edinburgh, Scotland, he saw the hangar was overgrown with weeds and had a herd of cows grazing there. At the same time, a storm hit, with severe winds bringing him back to the airport. The storm had gone by when he flew over the airfield again, and the facility looked brand new, with planes painted in yellow (which was unusual), a type of monoplane belonging to the squadron. All members of the Royal Air Force, as well as airport employees, wear blue uniforms (which is also unusual, as the staff usually wear brown).

All of this remained a mystery until the Air Force began painting planes yellow and importing models similar to those seen by Mr. Goddard, and mechanics began to convert a few years later. sporting a blue ensemble

Saint John is the capital of Puerto Rico.

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During a hot air balloon show in Sain Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1954, Harry Rogan and Derek Norton’s balloon vanished without a trace.

According to an eyewitness, a hot air balloon appeared out of nowhere in the waters of Cuba in 1990: “One minute earlier, I didn’t see anything there, but a minute later, the hot air balloon came out.” “Right now, this circumstance is rather strange,” the narrator continues. The Cuban government also claimed it was a “secret weapon” sent by the United States at the time, and threatened to shoot down the plane. However, they did not succeed in the end.

Rogan and Derek subsequently said that while flying, they felt stimulation in their brains, the pain seemed like an electric current running through their bodies, and the sky and water became gray in the blink of an eye. White. On their route to Cuba, the jet emerged in front of them.


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An article on the commercial flight Santiago 513.

On September 4, 1954, commercial flight Santiago 513 took off from Germany and disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean; strangely, countless other planes had vanished or “moved” in this place over time.

The plane was thought to have crashed and everyone on board had killed at the time. The plane, on the other hand, is said to have reappeared 35 years later, circling the airstrip and landing in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The date was October 12th, 1989.

When airport security and support personnel approached the plane, they were taken aback to see that all 88 passengers and four crew members had remained seated. They’re all skeletons, though. The authorities have been silent about the issue.

Flight 513 has most certainly entered a time portal, according to paranormal researcher Dr. Celso Atello, with no other credible explanation.

In the Caribbean, the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery region.

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The Devil’s Triangle is one of the most fascinating places on the planet; it is thought that there are time holes here, however they aren’t particularly strong and occur frequently.

Everyone should be aware that the Bermuda Triangle is a peculiar place where many ships and boats passing through suddenly vanish, no matter how hard everyone attempts to discover it. There aren’t any outcomes at all. But what’s amazing is that after many years, a small number of ships or planes appeared out of nowhere.

In August 1981, a British yacht named “Sea Breeze” with six passengers inexplicably vanished in the Bermuda triangle area.

The boat miraculously reappeared in the same location where it had vanished eight years before, with all six occupants still alive. All six people on board the boat are aware that they look to have lost their minds and are completely unaware that they have been out on the water for eight years. Despite this, it feels as though just a few seconds have passed and virtually nothing has been done.

Incidents like the ones described above are prevalent in the Bermuda Triangle. The difference is that some people are missing in a spacetime tunnel with a longer time delay, while others are missing in one with a shorter time lapse.

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Many beachgoers in the area claimed to have witnessed a large cloud-shaped tunnel – a time tunnel – with no apparent purpose.

These examples have supported scientists’ belief that numerous dimensions, not only the one we are familiar with, are active at the same time. In these spaces, time travels quicker or slower than it does in the present space. The “time tunnel” might potentially be a means of crossing dimensions.

As a result, time and space holes exist on Earth, and their existence is not trivial; any research that can locate and handle these gaps will usher in a new era for humanity.

We could theoretically use these “machines” to go to the past or the future, but the risk of becoming old in some cases and dying in others is quite high. Only skeletons remain, and some of them are ten years younger. So, who among us has the courage to try out these possibly deadly natural time machines?

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